Sunday, May 15, 2011

my dream house.....part 2

Yesterday's blog journal topic was "my dream house". I decided that instead of just posting a picture of the house I dream of, I'd share pictures from several rooms that I love. I posted pictures of the kitchen yesterday (and thought the kitchen was my favorite room, but now I'm wondering.....). Today we move on to bathrooms :O). Okay, for me, it's all about the bathtub!!! Ceramic tile, doubles sinks maybe, but it's gotta have a big TUB!

I love the tile, the tub, the double sink/cabinets, the colors....yep, I love this one!
I really love the tub, tile, window, and vanity area in this one.
Love the tub and this beautiful window.


Total relaxation.....

The French Country look I love......

I really love the tile in this bathroom!!


M said...

"Ceramic tile, doubles sinks maybe, but it's gotta have a big TUB!"

I know what you mean, allow for me, it's all about a power shower. :) I didn't realise just how rubbish my shower is until I stayed with my friends in Canada, who had a power shower.

Now, it's like trying to have a wash in a pointless little stream after you've had access to the Niagra Falls.....

My dream house probably would be in Canada. I love the way they all stand on their own little bit of land. You don't get that in England very much and the ones that there are carry a massive house valuation, well out of my reach.

Guess I'll just have to settle for a huge brick barbecue and a power shower. Those are achievable. Probably.

M said...

"Although for me", sorry. >.< Back to typing school!

Jen said...

For me the first one’s got to be my absolute favourite, I love big open space. I’d cant wait to start working on this kind of stuff for my new house but it’s in the really early stages with conveyancing and mortgages being handled at the moment. But fingers crossed I get my dream home so I can build a bathroom like the one above! Great blog for ideas, thanks.