Monday, May 30, 2011

30 Day Blog Journal - Day 30 complete

Day 30 - plans for the next month
June is a very busy month!!
June 1 - Derek's graduation
June 2 - our school's graduation
June 12 - MIL & BIL birthdays
June 14 - last day of school...YAAAAAAA!!!!
June 15 - Dad's birthday
June 17 - Our 28th wedding anniversary :O)

June 19 - Father's Day
June 20 - Nathan's 16th birthday :O)
June 29 - Peter's birthday

Also, in addition to being busy at the b&b, I will help Logan with his house hunting, Nathan will try for his driver's permit, and hopefully, get his braces off, not to mention all the normal day to day stuff.
This winds up this "30 Day Blog Journal". I really liked journaling here on my blog, so I'll start another one for June. Hope you'll follow along!

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