Thursday, December 31, 2015

goodbye 2015....

......spent New Year's Eve like I always home, on the sofa - except this time ALONE!!
This is the first year since I was 15, that I haven't welcomed in a New Year with Peter! :O(
Wishing everyone a HAPPY & HEALTHY New Year!!!
#hello2016 #makeitcount

Wednesday, December 30, 2015

wrapping up 2015....

Tomorrow is New Year's Eve! I always love when a New Year comes in, it's like a fresh start, a time to get organized and look forward to what the New Year will bring.

I am finishing up 2015 with some undecorating, a little organizing, more movie watching (just wondering how long they are going to show Christmas movies??), some after-Christmas online shopping with gift cards and Kohl's Cash, and a little visiting with friends and family.

Last night, Wanda and I got together to exchange gifts and get caught up. :O) We always enjoy getting together (and those 5 hours just flew by). :O) She gave me this awesome gift....LOVE!!! <3

I LOVE this Rae Dunn canister :O) :O)
Rae Dunn pottery is very just have to collect every cute piece!
I especially love the holiday stuff!
I found this Naughty/Nice mug at Marshall's.
Marshall's, TJMaxx, and Home Goods almost always have a few hidden Rae Dunn gems!! :O)
I forgot to post a pic of this tray that Wanda gave me earlier this fall! Can't wait to pull it out next year.
Today was game day with Derek, Mom, & Dad.
Derek got this new game [PO-KE-NO] for!!!
A fresh batch of chocolate chip cookies [and the only way to eat them] hot out of the oven!! These were the only cookies I ate this holiday [seriously] and they were so GOOD!!! :O)
and who eats cookies with a fork????
um.....that would be Dad! :O)

It has been so wet and rainy and foggy and dreary, combine that with the piles of dirt they have put on the property next to Mom & Dad's house, and you've got one big mud puddle! I still love the view and can hardly wait until things get cleaned up.
(a few things I love about this pic...the oyster buy boat in the creek, the discarded "live" trees on the dock that will be used to fatten up the hunter's duck blinds, and just the fact that we can watch the mail boat come in from their kitchen table). <3 <3 <3
Speaking of mud.....
:O) :O)
Dad's golf cart got stuck and this was how he ended up after we got it unstuck!! :O)
Pictures don't do it justice! :O) [and sorry Dad, but it was funny!]
.......and that about wraps up our 2015 on to the New Year!!

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Monday, December 28, 2015

Fixer Upper // Magnolia House B & B

Joanna Gaines has taken her decorating flair to a whole new level!! Chip and Joanna recently bought and renovated this beautiful home, which will now become their first bed and breakfast [Magnolia House]. I absolutely love it!!!!  (All photos from the HGTV website) 

Check out the renovation and holiday decor!


Stay at the Magnolia House....they will begin taking bookings in early 2016!
How awesome would that be???
Chip and Joanna’s entrepreneurial spirit has never failed to surprise and excite the city of Waco, Texas. For the past 12 years, their love for Waco has fueled their passion to both love on locals, and bring visitors to their city. So, a few months ago, when Chip and Joanna bought this beautiful historic home in a little town right outside of Waco, we just knew it would be something extra special.
The Magnolia House is the newest addition to the Magnolia family; a vacation home in the historic, downtown area of McGregor. Chip and Jo’s vision was that it would be the perfect, quiet place for out-of-town guests to stay after visiting Magnolia Market at the Silos.
The Magnolia House was discovered by Chip and Joanna after showing it to a client in search of a house for Fixer Upper. When the couple didn’t choose it, Joanna pitched the idea of a vacation home to Chip – and he, always willing to take on a new challenge, agreed it was a great idea. They purchased it and began construction immediately. And if the Magnolia House looks familiar, it might be because Joanna designed it to replicate their farmhouse, so that visitors would always feel right at home. Read more on the story of the Magnolia House here.
The Magnolia House will be open to take reservations in early 2016. We will release more information through our newsletter and social media accounts when reservations are open. We hope you’ll come visit us in Waco soon!

Saturday, December 26, 2015

CHRISTMAS 2015 (part three)


The dreaded day had arrived! I woke up on Christmas morning completely ALONE! For the very first time in 50 years, I was home alone on Christmas....there were no presents to open, no special Christmas breakfast, nobody to laugh and talk with, nothing. I literally felt like Kevin McAllister from the movie Home Alone. :O) Two years ago, Peter and I had our first Christmas morning without kids, but this was even different from that.

In the spirit of Christmas, my top three favorite Christmas songs!

But then I plugged in the lights on the tree, sat down with my cup of coffee, and started to think about the amazing time I had been able to spend with my family this year, especially Logan getting home unexpectedly on Tuesday, and being able to have those few hours together finally as a family again. I was soon reminded too, about the real meaning of Christmas and who it is really all about. I quickly stopped feeling sorry for myself, and instead, felt thankful for all the wonderful things in my life, most importantly that tiny baby that came into this world for me (us) all those years ago.

I watched several hours of Hallmark movies (I have probably seen every Christmas movie...twice!). Mom and Dad dropped by later that evening, then the three of us went to Denny & Glenna's for a visit and some food. I had a good visit especially with Shelli, Hugh, & Lori who were home for the holidays. :O)
More Christmas movies when I got home, but I turned in much earlier than the 3 a.m. bedtime from the night before.
Julie and Derek came today. Mom cooked "Christmas" dinner, we opened more gifts, played Derek's new game, went to look at the lights, and had LOTS of laughs. :O)
Christmas 2015 has definitely been different, but I am so blessed to have such a wonderful family to spend the holidays with! :O)
1. i have no one to kiss #im16 and 2nd, we must sparkle through every season... but this is just too cute!

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