Tuesday, October 30, 2018

tea parties & baby dolls....


Julie dropped us off at Lindsey and Kamry's house so we could visit for a few hours before catching the boat. Kamry is really loving her baby these days, so I picked her up a cute baby bottle and bib while we were shopping. She loved it! :O)

We had planned to go out on the evening boat, but when we drove down to the dock, we were soon turned around by the TIDE! It was wayyyy too high to get to the boat without wading and with all the bags we had, it didn't take much convincing for us to spend the extra night! 
It's always nice to get some extra time with Kamry and family! <3
Lindsey made us a yummy dinner, then Gran suggested a tea party!
Kamry LOVED it!!! 

Her baby joined in too! :O)

When we get together, Kamry loves to play and read books and watch "Fwozen" and eat popcorn and     have "picnics" and build "campfires" and draw and color! She also loves to make me laugh and is the biggest ham. She just has the sweetest little personality. <3
Not the best picture of me, but this is how I want to remember these moments, curled up in a chair with monster slippers on with books and baby...just chatting away! <3 
"Nana, we are best fwiends" <3 <3 <3

The icing on the cake for our little get -away, an extra night spent with this sweet girl! 

Monday, October 29, 2018

mom + daughters get-away 2018 [part two]

We had dinner at The Shark!! 

Peter and I have eaten there several times, but neither Mom nor Julie had. 
I was excited to see if they loved it as much as me. 

We started with the bread basket (always get the bread basket!!) 
It's always something different (and I can't for the life of me remember 
the selections we had) LOL I just know it was delish!

Julie got the shark bites - blackened mako (capt. kerry of the f/v sea born) / salsa verde / pickled cucumber and tomato salad / benne seed (GF)

I got the beet and berry salad pickled beets / berries / 
black garlic whipped triple cream brie /micro greens / truffle vinaigrette  

and the crab cake sandwich FRESH lump crab (a.e. phillips, fishing creek, md) / alabama white BBQ / multigrain whole wheat roll (crack of dawn bakery, berlin, md) / tomato / fries

 Mom shared my salad and got the country fried chicken sandwich pimento cheese / vidalia slaw / pickles / multigrain whole wheat roll (crack of dawn bakery, berlin, md) / fries

We were sooooo full!! We did find room to share dessert though!!
our sundae best caramel fudge and french vanilla ice creams (chesapeake bay farms, pocomoke, md) /warm miso caramel / candied pecans 


It was starting to get a little nasty - a nor'easter was on the forecast for tonight and it looked like it might be coming through. We checked in at The Dunes Manor - another favorite place!! 

I woke up super early and even though it was breezy and drizzly, I had my coffee on the balcony.

Julie was ready for breakfast as soon as she got up. Mom was going to skip it and be getting ready, so we had breakfast alone. We got the buffet and the omelet station was my favorite part. 
It was delicious!

It was nice getting a little time with Julie as we rarely ever get to just sit and talk. 
Our lives are super busy and our usual is texting instead of talking, so these are the moments when I want to just slow down, enjoy, and SAVOR!! 
It's so funny, because I was never a picture person until the past few years. Now, I always try to capture the special moments to look back at and remember these wonderful times!!

funny story that Mom won't want to admit---- she ALWAYS picks the ground or lower floors...give me the top floor. I pushed the limits and chose the 3rd floor. It was windy--so she wouldn't step a foot on the balcony. Me---had coffee in the dark out there. It really wasn't bad at all! So for picture taking, I wanted balcony pictures!! :O) :O) She's a good sport though and only rolls her eyes occasionally at me! :O) :O) and even takes mirror selfie pics.....


This trip was much needed by all three of us! I love that we carve out this time every year just for us! We try to keep it local and visit places new to us, eat some really yummy food, laugh and be silly, and just enjoy our time Mom / Sister time together!!!

Until next year.................

Sunday, October 28, 2018

mom + daughters get-away 2018 [part one]

Berlin, MD


First stop...coffee!!
On What Grounds? Coffee Shop 

Pumpkin Spice Coffee Smoothie & Homemade Baklava 

The owner was super nice and took pictures for us at all the photo op spots! <3


The scarecrows on each street corner were the cutest!!

Lunch @ The Atlantic Hotel

I got the Shrimp Salad and Mom / Julie both got the 
Crab Dip. :O)

<3 <3 <3

Shopping at the outlets in Ocean City before dinner......

:O) :O) :O)

[part two coming up..........]

Sunday, October 21, 2018

Happy Fall Y'all!


Rowen stayed at Nana's house this weekend 
while Mommy & Daddy went to Marissa's & Conner's wedding. 

classmates reunited: Scott, Marissa, Nathan, Mariah, & Brandon

They got in a little visit too with Logan, Lindsey, & Kamry on their way home today. <3

Kayla & Kamry

We had the best time here hanging out together.
Rowen loved his Daddy's old toys that we brought out of the attic this week.
(*big attic purge---It was ridiculous and overwhelming
 the amount of STUFF I was hoarding up there!) 

This was Nathan's little shopping cart they he always had full of beanie babies and stuffed animals --Rowen LOVES it too!!!! <3 He pushes it until he runs out of room, then walks all around it and pushes it from the other side. He goes back and forth. He isn't walking alone yet, but does this like a pro. He also loves the farm set, the chunky Legos, and books!! 

<3 After his bath, he drank his bottle before bed. After he finished drinking it, he climbed up on me and put his hands on both sides of my face and hugged me and gave me kisses. When he pulled away, he looked right at me and smiled like, what do you think of that Nana? <3 Heart melted!!!


Rowen slept from 8:30 p.m. - 7:30 a.m.! 11 hours! Awesome!!
He is a great sleeper and didn't mind at all being in the pack and play! 

We made pancakes for breakfast!

ghost pancakes :O)

He loves the front room and can be quite nosy! LOL

****I saw this idea for helping them with fine motor skills****
The first time we tried he just stuck the q-tips in his mouth...next time, he followed after me trying to put them in the bottle and I had to help him....this weekend, he actually kept trying until he got some in. I would clap and say good job, so every time one went in he would look at me and smile and wait for me to cheer!! :O) He loves it!!!

This child loves to eat as much as his Nana!!
He ate pork, green beans, apple sauce, 
and baked sweet potato sprinkled with cinnamon sugar. :O)


I love spending time with the grandkids! 
What a great weekend----I savored every single minute!
<3 <3 <3

**little ballerina**