Friday, October 20, 2017

photo dump friday - 10.20.17

My Photo Dump Friday now has a new addition!! <3

Hello Mister Rowen! :O)

Daddy bought Kamry her first pair of boots!
jumping up and down in "muddy puddles"

1 week old <3

just chillin'-- watching Peppa on my little Peppa bed :O)

first bath <3

Nana's big girl!!!

Nana's big boy!!!

she's got moves!! <3

{cousins sleep over} :O)

~beautiful FALL days call for a bike ride!!


My Kamry Visit!
I went over on Monday evening to spend some time with Lindsey and Kamry before Peter's crew change on Wednesday. It was a little choppy but such a gorgeous Fall evening!

We hung out that night and had dinner (I took some chicken salad with me). Kamry acts so sweet to me and I eat it right up!!! I love her little personality!! :O)

The next morning I fall cleaned the dining room with visions of new curtains and wood blinds...LOL ....and we were going shopping today!! We had the best day, just browsing the stores and finding some things from our lists. 

The secret to shopping with an 18 month old!!!!! :O)
We had a yummy lunch at Chick-Fil-A and then a few more stops before heading home with a full car! 

Nathan was waiting for us when we got back, as he was headed back to work for one week of his tour. He had to grocery shop for the boat, so I went too and stocked up. 

Kamry was ready for bed when we got back, but I got a little snuggle time!! <3

I got up early the next morning for my quiet time and to try out this......

YAAAAAA!!!!!!!  I'm super excited about this!!!
[but still very new to the MacBook world!]

(I got the curtains and blind hung and realized I forgot to take pics!) 

Peter got there and was able to spend a little time with them before we had to pack up and head home. 

Love my little Kamry (& Lindsey) visits!! <3


Mornings with Rowen!!

I've been spending my mornings with Rowen since Daddy went back to work. 
How precious those quiet moments are!!

<3 <3 <3 

Love spending time with my sweet boy!!!

Thursday, October 19, 2017

Hello World...I'm Rowen!


Kayla had a doctor's appointment on Thursday 9/28/17 (the date they gave her after her 3D sonogram but original due date wasn't until 10/04 ), but not long after getting there they sent her to the hospital for monitoring again due to her high BP. 

They decided today was the day to induce her!!!

The family took the evening boat over and quickly drove to the shore! By the time we got there, they had used 1 pill (Cytotec) to help soften her cervix. She was dilated 1cm, pain free, walked the halls a bit, and we all just kind of hung out in her room. Liv would become her person throughout the next few hours (and she was a ROCKSTAR!!!) **((no offense Nathan-you were great too!)) 

Nathan's "big head" discussion....again... :O)
side note: (Kayla has a thing for baby hats, Nathan thought Rowen was going to for sure have a "big head" like him...LOL) Rowen has a cute, little, coconut head, all hats fit, crisis averted! LOL)

Around 2:30 a.m., they finally cleared all but Nathan and Liv out of her room. They had given her a second pill earlier and as we were leaving, she got up to go to the bathroom and her water started leaking! They then hooked her up to the pitocin drip. 

We all found our resting place for the night. Peter went to his brother Robert's house, but I just couldn't leave. I "slept" in the waiting room down the hall from her room. I got a message from Nathan around 6 a.m. with the through-the-night update and said at last check she was dilated to 3 cm and in some pain and hadn't gotten much sleep. I got another message at 7:00 saying the were about to give her an epidural and she was at 7 cm. 

Mom and Dad were coming off anyway that day, so they headed down and we all sat in the waiting room. Dr. Reason was sent for once she was at 10 cm....and Nathan, Liv, and her Mom were able to all 3 be there with her to help with the delivery. <3 <3 <3

Rowen Elliott was born at 12:47 p.m. on September 29th. He weighed 7 lbs. 7 oz. and 20-1/2 inches long.

At first glance, he looks just like Daddy, with a blush of cousin Madi. :O)

He is absolutely PERFECT!!!!! Our precious, beautiful grandson!!

Then I got to hold him!!!! How amazing!! What an overwhelming feeling of love, joy, and excitement!! I couldn't help but think back to last year when Kamry was born. Things were different in so many ways, one being able to hold Rowen after only an hour of coming into this world and having to wait an entire month before first holding Kamry. 

Kayla's Mom and Dad, Gran and Pop, and later Liv, had to go back home, but we decided to spend another night on the shore, this time we both stayed with Robert & Gina.
They decided to keep Rowen another night, and it really worked out good for several reasons....the 3 of them could rest, they could make it to Crisfield in time for the Steven Thomas (a much better boat to travel on when windy), and Logan finally got home from working over so he and Lindsey got to visit Saturday night, along with a few other visitors.

 The next morning, we stopped by before heading to Crisfield to see Kamry and go home.

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Coming Home!


Let the ADVENTURE begin!!!