Wednesday, July 23, 2014

wordless wednesday: enjoy the quiet

weekend in maryland {riverside grill}

Before heading home, we had lunch at Riverside Grill in Pocomoke. It is a new favorite of ours, and we hadn't been back since the rehearsal dinner, so we were anxious to have lunch there again. It did not disappoint.....
Peter got the steak sandwich and salad. He also got the seared tuna app.

Lindsey got the "build your own salad" with grilled tuna.

I got the shrimp salad sandwich.

I highly recommend Riverside Grill. The food is delicious and the atmosphere is wonderful. 

What a fun day with our daughter (in-law).....and a great ending to an awesome weekend getaway in Maryland!!!!

weekend in maryland {chesapeake bay dairy}

We spent the night with Lindsey, sitting up late just catching up. We missed seeing Logan who was at work. We all three slept in on Sunday morning {two mornings in a row!!}, then headed to Pocomoke for the day. First, we stopped at Chesapeake Bay Farms to look around and get ice cream. It was the best ice cream I have ever eaten!!!!! I got the butter pecan...delish! They have a nice farmer's market and seating on the front porch or back deck to enjoy your ice cream or just enjoy the quiet.

We will definitely be stopping by here again whenever we get the chance. We only brought back pickles this time, but next time we'll come prepared with a cooler to take back some
butter, cheese, or steaks!! They had a great fresh selection! Check it out if you are in Pocomoke MD.

weekend in maryland {o.c. boardwalk}

We left the tournament and headed back over the bridge again, this time headed to the boardwalk.
the inlet....

the beach....

people watching....

(They have a website.....Dolle's - great Christmas gift idea!) :0)

:0( another year without riding a single ride (although the zipper would NOT be my choice!!)

ending the day on the pier.....

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

happy homemaker monday 7/21/14

Linking up with Diary of a Stay at Home Mom for Happy Homemaker Monday......a day late!

Breakfast time...what is on the plate this morning:
I'm not a huge fan of breakfast- if anything, usually toast w/ butter and a small glass of milk. I know....very boring!

On today's to do list:
- set out breakfast @ b&b
- bike ride
- work for a few hours
-pick up Mom and Dad
- laundry and make dinner

Currently reading:
The Fault in Our Stars by John Green
Surprised By Motherhood by Lisa-Jo Baker
(both on my Kindle)

On tv today:
Pioneer Woman
(On DVR)

The weather outside is:
Beautiful, sunny, summer day. Very pleasant, low humidity.

On the menu this week:
I am so off track with meals and am pretty much taking it day by day. This is something that frustrates me, yet I can't seem to get back on track with meal planning.

What we've had so far this week.....
Monday- Meatloaf
Tuesday- Soft Shell Crabs

If I have a few minutes to myself, I will:
BLOG!!!!!! I have missed having the time or energy to blog. I did catch up over the weekend and spend every "free" minute blogging and catching up on reading other blogs that I love.

New recipe I want to try, or have tried this week:

I'm making muffins as part of the continental breakfast and want to try a bulk muffin mix to help make things easier and more organized. I could do blueberry, cinnamon, coconut, etc.depending on what I have on hand.
Source: Pinterest

In the garden:
I have lots of pretty, blooming flowers.

No tomatoes yet! :0(

Favorite photo from my camera:
all the pretty flower photos above from my summer garden.....

Homemaking tip:
The lid from a parmesan cheese container fits a mason jar perfectly. Looks much better!

Visiting with blog friends (a blog you want to share, or a post that caught your eye...)
I follow Erin's blog Sunny Side Up and enjoy reading about her family, her decorating and organizing tips, and love checking out all the pictures of her beautiful,  new home.

Praying for:
Both of the boys as they travel today for crew change. Also, for two of my friends who have recently been diagnosed with cancer (and their families).

Bible verse, or devotional that is resonating with me at the moment:

I can't get away from Hebrews 6:19.....

Monday, July 21, 2014

weekend in maryland {o.c. tuna tournament}

Last year, we discovered by accident, the O.C. Tuna Tournament. We really enjoyed it, so I thought why not schedule our getaway weekend around the tournament dates. After we ate, we went back across the bridge to wait for the boats to come in with their catch. The weather was so nice, much cooler than last year! What a gorgeous evening!!

Cleaning station: would love to have some of that fresh tuna!!!

This is the boat Logan fished on last year!
Top fish: 249 lbs.

Sunday, July 20, 2014

book club: week #2

Book Club Week 2
Chapters 3 & 4

(1) Have you lost your mother? I'm sure some of you have. How have you dealt with the grief of that? How has it affected your own motherhood?
I still have my Mom and I am fortunate enough to live just minutes away. We talk every morning for at least an hour, to chit chat and just to see what we each have planned for the day. :0)

(2) Lisa- JO shares about Colleen, a friend who showed her that motherhood could be fun and not slow her down and inspired her to be a mother herself. Did you have a friend pre-motherhood who showed you how great it was to be a mom?

My Mom was my inspiration. I was so fortunate to have such an amazing role model. I watched her and learned from her and hoped to some day be half the mother she was/is.

I also was fortunate to meet up with Wanda, my now friend of 26 years. Way back in 1988, we met while we were both pregnant with our first child {due date 2 weeks apart}. We immediately became friends and scheduled every doctor's appointment together {until she had Whitney 6 weeks early....I did eventually get over it}. We were both young mothers who were trying to do things by the book, yet have fun and enjoy our babies at the same time. We gave each other advice, and helped each other through the rough days. Logan and Whitney spent lots of time together, and Wanda and I enjoyed all the things we got to do with our kids {including the infamous beach day}.....LOL. We had our second child a year apart, and now, we are going through yet another stage in motherhood....empty nest.

It is very important to have role models and friends & family you can count on for support and advice. Motherhood is not easy, but the rewards are priceless.