Sunday, October 21, 2018

Happy Fall Y'all!

Rowen stayed at Nana's house while Mommy & Daddy went to
Marissa's & Conner's wedding. 
classmates reunited: Scott, Marissa, Nathan, Mariah, & Brandon

They got in a little visit with Logan, Lindsey, & Kamry on their way home today.

Kayla & Kamry


Rowen loved all of his Daddy's old toys that we brought out of the attic
(big attic purge this week--HUGE! It was ridiculous and overwhelming t
he amount of STUFF I was hoarding up there!) 

This was Nathan's little shopping cart, he would push it all around full of beanie babies and stuffed animals --Rowen LOVES it too!!!! <3 He pushes it until he runs out of room, then walks all around it and pushes it from the other side. He goes back and forth. He isn't walking alone yet, but does this like a pro. He also loves the farm set, the chunky Legos, and books!! 

After his bath, he drank his bottle before bed. After he finished drinking it, he climbed up on me and put his hands on both sides of my face and hugged me and gave me kisses. When he pulled away, he looked right at me smiled like, what you think of that Nana? <3


Rowen slept from 8:30 - 7:30! 
We made pancakes for breakfast!

ghost pancakes :O)

He loves the front room and can be quite nosy! LOL

I saw this idea for helping them with fine motor skills---he loves it!!! 
The first time we tried he just stuck the q-tips in his time, he followed after me trying to put them in the bottle and I had to help him....this weekend, he actually kept trying until he got some in. I would clap and say good job, so every time one went in he would look at me and smile and wait for me to cheer!! :O)

This child loves to eat as much as his Nana!!
He ate pork, green beans, apple sauce, 
and baked sweet potato sprinkled with cinnamon sugar. :O)


I love spending time with the grandkids! 
What a great weekend----I savored every single minute!
<3 <3 <3

you've got mail.....

I saw the cutest IG story a few weeks ago and after seeing how much lindsay_lovee's kids enjoyed getting little packages in the mail from their grandma, I just had to start doing this for Kamry! She got her first one today and it was even better than I expected! 
Even 2 year olds love getting Happy Mail!!! <3
Be sure to watch the video at the end!!

Sunday, October 14, 2018

{gathered around the table}

We were having Nathan, Kayla, and Rowen over for dinner but the tide was so high we had to bump it up a few hours. Nathan and Rowen took advantage of it though, and paddled all around their backyard!! :O)


Homemade BBQ Chicken
Baked Sweet Potatoes w/cinnamon butter
Asparagus Bundles
Sweet Tea
Pumpkin Pie w/Whipped Cream


Always love having the family gathered around the table! 
Lots of food and plenty of laughter!!

Saturday, October 13, 2018

[october getaway]


We both had annual doctor visits scheduled for Wednesday, but we went the evening before and made it a multi-purpose getaway! :O) We are doing a little home project this fall and needed to pick out some supplies. Our bay window needs replacing, and we ultimately decided on putting a standard double window in it's place. Problem is our siding is not matchable so we needed to find an alternative. I loved the idea of adding stone veneer siding to that section of the house, so we were on a mission to find some that worked. We struck out big time at Lowes and found something that might work at Home Depot, but no samples, and would have to be ordered online from pictures. :O(  We weren't sold on that idea, so we were going to keep looking. I also had chosen a pretty color for the front door but was having trouble finding it. 

After some shopping, we went to dinner at Texas Roadhouse - 
their rolls, steaks, & fried pickles---yummmm!

I was so excited that we were fitting in a movie! It's been months!!! Perfect timing--I had won a Regal gift card playing bingo at the TVFD dinner! :O)

I had heard awesome reviews about A STAR IS BORN!

My review: Lady Gaga was simply amazing!!!!! The star for sure!! I loved Bradley Cooper too, and the storyline was heart wrenching, but such a great story and.....I really want to download the soundtrack. 

BUT>>>>>>I was VERY VERY disappointed by the language and the amount of it in this movie. If I had the chance to do it over again, having known about the language I would have skipped it, even though it was a great movie!! 

We went to the late movie so we didn't get out of the theater until after 1 a.m. (and could quite possibly been the only 2 people left there) LOL, plus, we hadn't made a hotel reservation LOL. The older I get the more laid back I seem to be getting!! LOL We ended up at our old stand-by --Sleep Inn...which we always love! 


We both had good check ups at the doctor and since we had fasted for blood work, we were ready for a good lunch. LOL 

Lunch at Don's Seafood hit the spot! :O)

We talked about our house project over lunch.  Neither of us were satisfied with our options so far. Peter suggested driving down to Onancock Building Supply to see what they had. They did have the stone veneer, but once we saw the cedar shake siding option, we knew that's what we wanted!! :O)

We chose the Weathered Blend color and I really hope it turns out as nice as it looks in my head. LOL
I asked about the paint color I had picked out for the front door, and as soon as I said the word, CYPRESS, she knew exactly what I was talking about. It is actually a siding color option, but they had the paint numbers and mixed me up a quart. WIN WIN!

A quick Walmart run, then a few hours with Kamry and Lindsey. I picked her up a Trolls toy and some treats which she loved! We played and chatted and went outside on the swingset. I love our little visits - no matter how short & sweet! 

We missed seeing Logan as he was crew changing and had gotten a later start than they planned. 
Kamry was soooo happy to see him later that evening though.....

<3 <3 <3

What a great little getaway! 
Dinner, a movie, a night in a hotel, shopping, and a little visit with family---
it always does me a world of good!!! <3

Friday, October 12, 2018

photo dump friday - 10.12.18

end of summer!

dinner with mommy!
so cool!

make your own pizza night!

at the library!

hanging out with cousin Derek!

and Pop too!

happy boy!

at Nana's house!
perfect evening for a bike ride!

helping Daddy cut grass earned a Duggee badge!!! 
(daddy made one!!)

sweet girl!!

book worm!

craft fun with friend Willa!

visiting Nana & Pop Pop!

a day with Nana!

sweet boy!

story time!

pop pop rob!

Cousin time!

sick boy!!

fresh out the tub!

playing with Pop Pop!

Happy Fall Y'all!

10.20.18  Rowen stayed at Nana's house while Mommy & Daddy went to Marissa's & Conner's wedding.  classmates ...