Tuesday, November 25, 2014

blessing bag

While I donate to organizations like Union Mission, and put money in every Salvation Army bucket I pass by, I've struggled with how I can help those in need that I see on the streets. I wrote about this after visiting Charlotte last month and being approached several times by people asking for money. I didn't know if they were really down and out or not, but it is something that really bothers me. I want to help those in need. After handing out money several times, we realized that we really aren't able to just hand out unlimited cash, so I thought about what else we could do.

I decided to make blessing bags to keep in the car and instead of handing them money (or just driving by and feeling bad later), I will have these bags in the back seat ready to hand out. I searched Pinterest for ideas of what I should put in the bags.

*photo sources:Pinterest

Last week, while in Big Lots I picked up my supplies. Here's what I put in ours:

-facial wipes
-a bar of soap
-a comb
-a pr. of socks
-peanut butter crackers
-granola bar
-bottle of water
These bags cost very little to put together, but hopefully, it will be things they need. I have never been cold or hungry in my life and this is something I am very guilty of taking for granted. While packing these bags, it made me stop and think about how ungrateful I am at times. Being cold or hungry or homeless is something that is very real to many people, and while I can't fix or change that, maybe these bags will help just a little. I fixed these bags with the intention of blessing others, but it turns out, I was blessed as well.


Sunday, November 23, 2014

Table Re-Do Progress

Dad and Peter dismantled the trestle table.
Next, the legs were attached.

In the process, I have somehow fallen in love with my windsor chairs again!

We also added a board all the way around the table (under the top) to cover where the legs had been attached to give it a more finished look.
Next, Peter sanded the table top.

I wanted a dark stain, so I chose Rust-Oleum Wood Stain in KONA.
this is one coat......and pictures do not do it justice!

It wasn't quite the color I wanted, so I dug out my Briwax Clear Wax and rubbed that on.
Product Details
This actually took off a little of the stain for a much better look. The wax also seals the wood and gives it a smooth finish. I am letting it dry overnight and will give it another coat of wax tomorrow. This is the color/shade I'm going for....
DIY Anthropologie-knockoff Farmhouse Table for only $65, using plans from Ana White!
Love this kitchen table and upholstered chairs
farmhouse table (color)
Farmhouse Table
Farmhouse Table // metal chairs
Of coarse, mine will have painted legs which I now need to sand and paint. I think I've decided on a creamy white.
Chairs are another story!! Just when I thought I had decided on something, I changed my mind again. There was a reason why I was hesitant on ordering. When I feel like that, it means it isn't really what I want. I hate to hurry with a decision and buy something I end up not loving! After putting the windsor chairs around the table the other night, I kindof liked them. Then, Mom called the next morning and said she had been looking at pictures of chairs and thought I should consider keeping them too.
But then I had another dilemma.... (WHAT COLOR TO PAINT THEM)??
Here are my options:
{A} Grey
Farmhouse table: white legs, dark stain top, grey chairs???
{B} White
Rustic farmhouse table by Nest of Bliss
{C} Dark Brown
Updated Vintage - the lighter cabinetry is a little more appealing in this picture . . .
I kept going back though, to my favorite look....wicker (seagrass, rattan) parsons chairs....
Set of two parsons chairs with mango wood frames.  Product: Set of 2 chairsConstruction Material: Mango woodColor: Light walnut and brownDimensions: 42.1" H x 20.9" W x 18.5" D each
Farmhouse Table + Wicker Chairs
going to get wood from the farm to make a dining room table <3
and finally, after much indecision, I've decided on painting two of my windsor chairs
(Behr Espresso Bean)
behr espresso bean for pergola
and buy two new wicker parsons chairs.
This is the finished look I'm going for.....
Farmhouse Table
Can't wait to finish my table re-do project!
More pictures coming up.....
*photo sources: Pinterest


Saturday, November 22, 2014

wedding weekend getaway

A few weekends ago, Peter and I went to Virginia Beach for Whitney + Kenny's wedding.
On Saturday, we drove to Salisbury,
and spent the day shopping and lunch at Buffalo Wild Wings.
I also had an eye exam and picked out new glasses (which I LOVE!!)
We were spending the night with Lindsey, so after finishing up in Salisbury, we went to pick her up for dinner. We had an awesome meal at Texas Roadhouse and enjoyed spending some time with Lindsey. :O)
We drove to Virginia Beach early Sunday morning and checked in around noon at Virginia Beach Convention Center and Resort.
We had a few hours before the wedding, so we got lunch and brought it back to the room and watched a little football.
Loved the gift bags Whitney and Kenny left for all the guests staying at the hotel. :O)

We got ready and went downstairs to catch the shuttle to the yacht club.

The venue was beautiful!

It was a beautiful ceremony.
The reception was held inside. Again, beautiful!
Wanda (Whitney's mom & my bff) made 100 jars of strawberry / fig jam as favors for all guests. :O)

The father/daughter dance was THE BEST!!
Dinner was delish....the dj was awesome...and we had great company at our table....
a great night!!
The next morning, breakfast at Starbucks, then a walk on the beach before driving home.

We stopped on the shore to get the car inspected. It had the yuckiest waiting area ever!!Peter almost sat down on that sofa-but I caught him in time! YIKES!
Unfortunately, their bathroom was even yuckier!!!
We had lunch at a favorite- Riverside Grill. Once again, we were not disappointed!!
Peter got the seared ahi app
and a shrimp salad/crabcake club
those fries!!!! yummmm....
I got the shrimp salad and seafood gumbo..delish!
our little getaway had come to an end.....until next time.....