Wednesday, August 20, 2014

feelin' fall-y

Labor Day is coming up next weekend, it's back to school for everyone, and I have about 50 days left for the season at work!!!! I can't say I'm sad though, it's been a very hard summer for me. Since the fire, I've been keeping things going at the b&b. It has been very hectic and lots of long hours, especially keeping up with phone calls and emails (which are all forwarded to my house). I finally had a day off yesterday and didn't know what to do first. I got caught up on laundry, and finally cleaned out and organized our bedroom closet. Yep, get a day off from cleaning rooms at the b&b and I spend my "free" time doing more cleaning.
It is also very lonely at work. I spend many hours working by myself, so iit's nice when Ginna helps with housekeeping.:0) I normally don't like to wish time away, but I am kinda over summer and I'm ready to call it a year! It doesn't hurt that FALL is my favorite season and with the teachers going back to school today and the weather feeling a little fall-y, I  can't help but start to dream about being home again! :0)

Favorite Ideas for FALL Front Door/Steps....

photo sources: Pinterest

wordless wednesday: pumpkins!

Last year's pumpkin harvest! So sad that I don't have any this year!!

Monday, August 18, 2014

{family photo}

All the photos are loaded, now to go through them and pick out our favorites to frame. I absolutely love our family picture!!

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Homecoming 2014

Homecoming 2014- We had a great weekend!  Lindsey came on Saturday and spent the night. We love having her here!! One of the cons to being married to a tugboater, missing out on special occasions- we were sad that Logan couldn't make it this year, but I'm glad Lindsey is comfortable coming to visit us without him! :0)  It went by wayyyyyy too fast though! Lots of good food, got caught up with friends and family, danced a little, laughed a lot, stayed up late! Lindsey brought the wedding picture discs to look at....amazing!!!! Now, the hard part, how to choose from all those gorgeous photos! I want to get a few canvas prints, and frame some, but I also want to do a really nice coffee table book. That will take some time I'm sure.

While we were having dinner yesterday, we were talking about the first year Lindsey came (2011), can you say HOT??!!! It was in July that year and it was the hottest Homecoming EVER! I had done a post last year (totally forgot it rained the second night),  but we couldn't remember anything about Homecoming 2012! Something I really love about having a blog, I can look back and see what we did. Unfortunately, I had written nothing about Homecoming in 2012. :0( I do know they came, but no pictures, no post, nothing. So much for remembering such a special event!

So, I this year, I am doing a  "highlights of homecoming" post. I think it will be fun to look back and remember! :0)

Here are my top ten highlights/memories (in no particular order) of Homecoming 2014:

- Nathan home for Homecoming, spent many hours helping to set up/ clean up and worked all 3 nights. 50 year anniversary for TVFD so they ran it 3 nights. 

- Chesapeake House closed -----NO breakfast!!!!!! :0( Very weird year!!

- Lindsey coming to stay....Logan @ work, and Julie didn't come this year either.

- weather: (Thursday 8/14) very pleasant, cool, no bugs! (Friday 8/15) a little warmer/ buggy, but more pleasant as the night went on. (Saturday 8/16) more humid and very buggy.

-bathrooms @Homecoming (and not your normal port -a-potty)... it's the little things!

-people watching :0) 

- the music/ dancing...wobble

- the sandy bed story :0) :0) :0) LOLOL

- spotting "Kirk" in the crowd!! (well, it was actually Wanda who spotted him) best laugh of the weekend!

-and the best highlight of Homecoming 2014 ....Peter on the dance floor!!!!! :0) :0)

What a fun weekend!!!! (but I am exhausted!) :0)

Friday, August 15, 2014

summer bucket list {update} & a countdown

Summer Bucket List

All we have left to check off is:

* make pineapple ice
* walk down the beach.....all the way to the sand bar...& back!

I had hoped to kayak (at least once), but there are none available this summer. While we were out on the boat the other day, we rode all the way around the beach. I mentioned to Peter that we hadn't walked it in years, so we decided to add that to our to-do list, and maybe make it a new tradition (I guess we'll see how in shape ...or out of shape we are before we actually make it a yearly thing!).

Countdown Update

0 days- August 14/15/16 - Homecoming~ {Lindsey coming on Saturday!}
2 weeks- Labor Day weekend

19 days- September 3- Logan's birthday
20 days- September 4- Football begins!!
24 days- September 7- Bears first game of season

50 days- going to football game in Charlotte, NC (Bears vs. Panthers)!
58 days- last night for b&b season!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

105 days- Thanksgiving

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

The Simple Woman's Day Book: August 2014

August 2014
Outside my window.....overcast, breezy, chance of thunderstorms later.
I am thinking......about FALL! I must admit, I'm starting to think about fall and looking forward to being home again. This has not been the best year at work for sure!
Fall- Added to this will be my wedding anniversary    # Pinterest++ for iPad #
I am thankful....for my home and my family...and blogging.....and diet coke. :O)
In the kitchen....yesterday, I made a huge bowl of taco salad. I am super busy today with work, a pedi appointment, and a baby shower, so we'll eat the rest of that, and maybe some chicken tenders or a sandwich.
I am wearing....capris and a grey tee.

I am looking forward to....seeing Lindsey this weekend {and ALL of the wedding pics too!!}

Around the is SUPER clean!! I finally had a day off yesterday{first day off in at least a month!}, so I gave this house a good cleaning! :O)

A favorite quote of the day....
One of my favorite things....anchors! I really love this cute anchor/monogram's on my wish list!!
nautical love

Sunday, August 10, 2014