Sunday, April 20, 2014

beautiful blooms

I am so excited about finally having spring flowers again.....sorry for the picture overload, but they are soooooo pretty!!! :0)


easter sunrise 2014

sunrise service: chilly morning, clouds were low and heavy, the sun just barely peeking through.....but what a beautiful Easter morning!!

he is risen

Saturday, April 19, 2014

easter egg hunt 2014

A beautiful evening for the annual Easter Egg Hunt at the Parsonage.
They were all so sweet!
Brooklyn, Aubree, & Daniel

*helping her little cousin*

Nelson took this very serious! 

....that hat! :0) 

our little cousin lacee

Parker & his mommy, Leigh


sweet sisters- Peyton & Madi

Later this evening......again, from my kitchen window....
the colors of the sky were amazing! 
I can hardly wait to see the sunrise in the morning.....

Thursday, April 17, 2014

DIY Painted Canvas Project

My friend Wanda and I finally got together tonight for a little catching up {well, a lot of catching 4 hours worth!}. We also worked on a fun project that turned out even better than we expected. I've been wanting a sign with my blog name on it, and almost bought one from etsy, but decided to get a little crafty and paint my own instead. I asked Wanda if she was interested in doing one too, and she soon found her inspiration on Pinterest. I picked up our supplies at Michael's last week, and was happy to see their nicer canvases were on sale 3 for the price of 1...score! Most of the painted canvas projects on Pinterest were done with stickers that were painted over and peeled off, but we decided to stencil our quote and then draw and paint our own design.

Here are the finished projects........

Wanda's Canvas

and mine!!

We are so proud of the way they turned out and already have the perfect spot for them in our homes!

I'm linking up for "Inspire Me Please" weekend blog hop.

#tbt stories week#1

I'm linking up with Jessica for Throwback Thursday Stories Day!

This is one of my favorite Easter pictures of the boys together!
{the look on Nathan's face pretty much sums up the stage he was at......}

This was the last year they humored me and dressed somewhat alike. Logan always loved to dress up and went through every style growing up. Nathan wanted to wear a team jersey to everything {still does}. This was probably one of the years that their seven year age difference was most evident. They hardly had anything in common at this age, they loved each other and definitely had their moments of laughter and fun, but they were at completely different stages in life. Logan was a teenager, and having a seven year-old around was annoying! Nathan knew exactly what to do to drive his brother crazy! Nathan's energy was endless!

Logan was always busy....busy with work, or friends, or activities and had no schedule or sense of time. I've said thousands of time over the years {and still do to this day} that Logan wishes there could be 2 or 3 of him, so that he could be in several places at once so he'd never miss anything. Nathan was like Logan, in that he loved being involved in things, but his passion was sports, especially basketball. Their big difference was/is that Nathan is a very scheduled person. He has been this way since birth! This can be a great quality, but can make things very hard at times. I have said to Nathan "just go with the flow" so many times over the years {and still do}.

Fast forward a few years......somehow the seven year gap filled in, and not too many years after this picture was taken, these two brothers became the very best of friends. Today, they have a bond that is so special. Bub will always be the big brother that Nathan can look up too, but now Nathan is that closest best friend that Logan can confide in. They now ask each other for advice, laugh together, reminisce about their younger days, and since Logan moved away, have special "brother" days together. It was no surprise when Logan asked Nathan to be his best man.

I am so happy that they have each other and I am so glad that seven years helped form a bond instead of a barrier between these two amazing brothers!

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

book club- update

I posted yesterday about joining Kelly's book club. I started last night on our first week's assignment to read the first four chapters and I couldn't stop reading! I {{love}} this book!!!!! I love the humor she writes with. Actually, Peter {once again} thinks I'm crazy, because I laughed out loud as I read through the first ten chapters {as he tried to watch Chicago Fire}.
There is still time to join in! I can hardly wait for the discussion on this!