Friday, November 21, 2014

Thankful November: Day 15-21


Today I am thankful quote via Living Life at

Thankful November Instagram Challenge 2014

                                                            [day 15]
thankful and happy to have my desktop computer back!
blogging just isn't the same without it! :O)
#livethankful #quietspot #blogger #oldschoolcomputer

[day 16]
thankful for ministries like this!

#Samaritan #shoeboxministry #give #operationchristmaschild

[day 17]
thankful for fun things, like planning a vacation....

 Leather Luggage Tag  "Lets Go On An Adventure"  found on Etsy seller MesaDreams #LuggageTag #Adventure

[day 18]
thankful for unexpected visists!!

#son #tugger #thelittlethings #lovehimsomuch

[day 19]
thankful for email, phone calls, my blog and instagram to keep in touch with family & friends!
A Little Note To Keep In Touch And Say I Miss You by LittleHeidiUK

[day 20]
Ecclesiastes 3:1
#seasonsofourlife #blessed #livethankful #seasons

[day 21]
very thankful for make-ahead, freezer, crock pot meals!
#makeahead #freezercooking #timesaver #pinterest
#betterthingstodo #anocookday

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

wordless wednesday: just relax!

My email from Mom this morning: this picture and a note to take it easy.....sounds like she thinks I'm a bit too hyper! :0)

Monday, November 17, 2014

more organizing....

I'm slowly, but surely, moving through the, organizing, sorting, tossing, and donating. I have managed to get rid of over 100 items and counting!!

Our Bedroom:
-while fall cleaning our bedroom, I cleaned out the closet and got rid of clothes, shoes, and bags. I also went through our clothes in the attic and now have several bags for Goodwill.

-we put new white wood blinds in the bedroom (as well as the living room, bathroom, and kitchen). LOVE!!!

-need/want: things for the walls-I still haven't hung anything! I'm also looking for a white trellis mirror for the top of my dresser and maybe two small side table lamps.

Front Room (aka craft room/office/den):
-I culled over all of my craft stuff and also got rid of a few books, and a couple of candles/holders.

-I fall cleaned this room and rearranged the furniture. We also had our computer repaired. I love that room again. :O)

-need/want: a new wall clock (I have my eye on one @ World Market).
Chantal Oval Vertical Iron Clock

I also love this one too.....for my bookcase in the living room....
Black Metal Darcy Easel Clock

- I cleaned out the closet area, the medicine cabinet, and under the sink. I threw LOTS of stuff away in this room! In the closet area (space behind my tub wall), I put in dividers amd rolled the towels/washcloths to save space. I also took out the basket of {junk} and replaced it with two white containers I got at Target. Much better!

top shelf

most of this stuff was expired or I never use!

one bin for extra toothpaste/toothbrushes/deodorant/q-tips
the other bin holds travel size stuff and my nail stuff
saw this idea on pinterest for towel storage:
source: Pinterest
here is my version.....

- Besides the new blind, I bought a new shower and window curtain. I also bought a new shower curtain rod, hooks, and curtain rod (in brushed nickel). I had planned to paint the bathroom, but decided to put it over the shelf until after the holidays.
Creative Bath™ Ruffles Shower Curtain

Shower Curtain @ JCPenney

Threshold™ Dot Jacquard Curtain Panel - Gray (54x84")Window Curtain (bought one 84" panel- having it split into two panels and cut off to fit bathroom window). @ Target

- need/want: nothing really, except a fresh coat of paint! I've had the same Spiced Vinegar (yellow-y tan) paint in there forever!

Living Room:
- cleaned out the closet and got rid of a few jackets. Also, threw out more magazines.

-This room has just been redone, so nothing new needed (except the blind). While I framed one photo from the wedding, I seriously need to get on this!!! I still don't have anything hanging on the walls!

-need/want: WEDDING PICTURES...asap! Also, I begged asked Dad to make me an arrow (actually, I asked Peter and Dad both to make me one, but I'm still waiting).
source: pinterest

Dad mentioned it yesterday, so maybe there is one in the works. (*show him this Mom!) :O)

100 Things: Cookbooks
100 Things=Junk Drawer
100 Things=100 Days

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Thankful November: Day 8-14

Instagram Challenge 2014


11/08 - a wedding weekend getaway

#oglewedding2014 #happycouple #fall #weekendgetaway

11/09- a daughter-in-law who always makes us feel welcome and doesn't even mind spending her Saturday night with us!
#livethankful #theinlaws #blessed #daughter

11/10- good friends-good times


11/11- those who have served or are serving
#veteransday #service #honor #thankful

11/12- my Dad & Husband (and their help with my projects)
#anotherproject #theydontseemyvision #vintage
#makeover #wevehadthattableforever

11/13- breakfast & a beach walk
#beachwalk #vabeach #starbucks

11/14- there is always something to be thankful for....

#thankful #grateful #blessed #novemberchalkboard

Saturday, November 15, 2014

The Simple Woman's Day Book: November 2014

November 2014
Outside my window....
it was a chilly, but sunny the 40's.
I am thinking....
about the upcoming holidays and all the things that are filling my calendar in! I am really trying to take a stress-free, laid back approach this year....we'll see how that goes!
the rest of November is filled with finishing fall cleaning next week, a day off to go to Salisbury, take over care of MIL on 11/21, a mani appt.11/25, dinner prep & cooking on 11/26, Thanksgiving 11/27.....

-church activites
-christmas cards
-wrap gifts
12/02 Art Class
12/04 Peter doctor appt. & get TREE!
12/10 Christmas Brunch (Prayer Breakfast)
12/12 Mom's birthday
12/12-12/14 weekend @ Logan & Lindsey's
12/20-12/21 last minute Christmas shopping/food for the holiday & lights in O.C.?
12/23 Nathan gets home!!! (Logan goes back to work) :O(
12/24 Christmas Eve Dinner & Candlelight @ church
12/25 Christmas
12/31 New Year's Eve
I am thankful....
for so many things...big & small! I love doing Thankful makes me even more aware of how blessed I am.  
In the kitchen....
today, we had steaks on the grill w/onions & mushrooms, a baked potato, & kale. Tomorrow, mississippi roast! :O)
I am wearing....
jeans & a purple [class of 2013] tee
I am looking forward to....
Around the house....
working on the table make-over, fall cleaning (our bedroom, bathroom, front room, living room.....done!)  
Favorite quote of the day....
 if you have a family that loves you, a few good friends, food on your ...
One of my favorite things....
while I love my Kindle and smart me, nothing beats being able to sit at my desk & BLOG!! After months of it not working desktop computer has been repaired and is back!!!!! :O) We dropped it off last weekend and had it debugged and a new anti-virus installed. Oh how I have missed you!! :O)

Friday, November 14, 2014

dining chairs options....

The table re-do is finally in progress and I'm now shopping for new dining chairs! I will finally replace my mix-matched-windsor-style-once-oak-painted-black-chippy-paint (not in a good way) old chairs. Of course, it's the same scenario with me once again though, I cannot make up my mind!!!
I have dreamed about upholstered Parsons chairs with brushed nickels brads in a pretty shade of grey.....

 and I really love the wicker version.....

I also considered a pretty pattern like this....

and even thought about going with something very neutral like this.....

and then I went back to this again.....

I knew what style chair I wanted, I just couldn't decide on the color/fabric.

And then it started, the second guessing.....

I started searching through more dining chair options and while I really love these metal beauties.....

this style is what kept jumping out at me.....

I love the X backs of these chairs.

I wasn't sure though if they were a current style, but realized I was on the right track with this choice when I saw Erin's recent blog post (Sunny Side Up)....her dining nook chairs! Oh my!!
source: sunny side up

So now that my Parsons chair dream has been replaced, and I've decided on the style, I have to now decide between an all wood (in a dark tobacco finish).....

an all metal (my current favorite)....

or a combo of wood/metal.....


*all photo sources: Pinterest

Thursday, November 13, 2014

good things thursday

Good Things....

Fall .. My favorite season ❤ give burlap banner/thanks on a chalkboard
November chalk inspiration
Give Thanks Tea Towel
thanksgiving table

What a cute idea!  Print a Thanksgiving Scavenger Hunt right on the bag. (Take a picture with phone/iPad/or camera)
something fun to keep the kids busy before dinner (have them take pictures)

Apples and caramel dip--Thanksgiving style
thanksgiving snack

printable canvas bread wrap from WhipperBerry
sweet treat

12 Tips for Staying Sane When Hosting a Crowd for Thanksgiving
our new tradition....disposable dinnerware (look how nice this table looks)

Gilded Leaf Place Cards | Say Yes to Hoboken
leaf placecards

Cute Fall gift basket with cute card to give to your significant other.
for the hostess

Thanksgiving Tree. Send kids out on a hunt for the perfect branch. have everyone write down what they're most thankful for. use as a centerpiece!
a thankful tree

Paint the branches black and silver-grey.  Gothic lettering for a more Halloweeny feel.
Chalkboard menu for Thanksgiving!!!
thanksgiving menu chalkboard