Wednesday, May 27, 2015

girls day out #2

The older she got, the more she understood that life was not about maintaining control, sometimes it was about letting go and just learning to enjoy the ride.
On Monday, Wanda, Hope, and I enjoyed our second "girls day out", and oh, what fun we had!! We are seriously trying to make it a monthly thing, but finding a day to accommodate three busy schedules is hard. They had planned to go on Saturday, which was completely out for me, since it was my first weekend back to work (and a holiday at that), but they had to reschedule for Monday, so YAAA!!!, I was able to go! :O)
I love these little day trips, shopping at new places, just browsing through antique shops and thrift stores, and best of all NO obligatory stop at Walmart.
First things first, caffeine! We stopped at Get'n Grounded in Princess Anne, for a frozen mocha frappe. Next, we stopped in Ulta and Michael's, where we found lots of goodies! Michael's has the best deals (plus I had coupons!). :O) My best purchases here were: a clock for the built-ins, a few {orange} pieces to add to the kitchen, and a cute patriotic tee.
Hope was anxious to take us to our next stop, Goose On The Roof in Hebron, MD.

and yes, we found lots of good stuff there!!! :O) My best finds were: a {vintage} wooden cutting board, and 2 reclaimed wood frames!!
In the words of the Terminator...."I'll be back".....definitely!
We had discussed lunch options on the drive there and had narrowed it down to a couple that we really wanted to try. As we were paying for our stuff, the cashier asked where we were going for lunch. She suggested The Farmer's Wife just up the road from their store. It sounded great, so we decided to give it a try.

It was DELICIOUS!!!!
Wanda got the Mandarin Orange Salad w/ grilled chicken, pecans, feta, and craisins.

I got the Cream of Crab soup (oops! no picture...I gobbled it down too fast!) and a chicken salad sandwich w/seasoned chips.

Hope got the Turkey Apple Panini - Oven Roasted Turkey, Brie Cheese, Apples, and Caramel Sauce on Sunflower Bread.
It was a hit, as was the rest of the food.

So, we had to have dessert.....

Lemon (the better of the two) and Peanut Butter Smith Island Cake!
Again.....I'll be back!!

After lunch, Hope dropped us off at Hobby Lobby/Dollar Tree while she went to Lowes, then we met up again and headed back home.
some of my goodies...

We had a wonderful time and have pretty much planned our {hopefully} monthly trips including a fall trip to the pumpkin patch!! :O) :O)
Enjoy The Little Things - 8x10 inch print featuring pretty flowers and hand drawn type
I am slowly learning to make time for things, even when you feel like life is just too busy. Time with friends and family (and yourself) are so important. They bring much joy and happiness! Life is too short to just focus on work and taking care of daily life stuff. You need to take care of yourself, have fun, and enjoy the little things!
"Life is the beach house!!"

Monday, May 25, 2015

Menu Plan Monday: May 18-24

Monday 5/18 - ham slice, cabbage, potatoes, & corn bread

Tuesday 5/19 - grilled sausage,peppers,onions, & squash over rice

Wednesday 5/20 - lasagna & garlic bread (recipe link HERE)

Thursday 5/21 - we had planned to have soft crabs for dinner today, but ended up eating the left-over lasagna since Peter was helping me do some last minute stuff at the b&b and it took way longer than we planned!

Friday 5/22 - soft shell crab sandwiches and baked beans

Saturday 5/23 - first day back to work! Back to reality....planning ahead and pulling out the crock pot! We had Mississippi Roast, mashed potatoes, fresh corn on the cob, and rolls.

Sunday 5/24 - we hadn't taken anything out and didn't want to order out, so we pulled out the roast left-overs today.

Sunday, May 24, 2015

thrift store finds {before & after}

I picked up this little wooden cutting board for 50 cents at a thrift store a few months ago.

I gave it a coat of dark stain.....
I'm on the lookout for a few more cutting boards, as I eventually want to do something like this on the counter.....
nice way to keep cooking essentials handy without appearing as clutter
Another thing I picked up, was this vintage lantern....
I originally thought about whitewashing it or, you guessed it, putting some dark stain on it, but Peter suggested leaving it be, and I agree, it looks perfect as is!
I wanted something for the top of the armoire in our bedroom. It looks perfect there (I just need to add a candle)!

I found a similar lantern at Pottery Barn, of course, much more than what I paid.

summer is just around the corner...

Peter put the boat over on Friday, so we took our first ride after dinner yesterday. What a gorgeous evening on the water. I'm still learning my new camera, and I know it's a work in progress, but I got a few pretty good shots.

can hardly tell where the water meets the sky...

so peaceful...

clouds fascinate me...this one was so cool!

a zoom in on the old lighthouse with the shore in the background

these pelicans were like syncronized swimmers...
<3 <3 <3

yet another full nest....

lots of boats in for the holiday weekend....

We picked this cutie up on the ride home...

now that's "slick cam"...
You know summer is around the corner when the first kayak group shows up at the b&b...

I'm officially back to work for the summer.....

Thursday, May 21, 2015

thoughtful thursday {K}

Something I love: kites
Mary Poppins Movie Quote art Set of three 5 x 7 by quoteaddict

I've always loved kites (but haven't flown one in years!). My Dad used to make me and my sister homemade kites when we were little. :O) Peter also loved kites when he was younger and talks about the hours he would spend flying them. I think we should put kite flying back on our summer bucket list! Good memories! :O)

How to Make a Homemade Kite | DIY Newspaper Kite Tutorial (Good for study of wind.)

Something I don't: Kardashian anything....

These type of shows should not be called Reality Shows but 'Trashy & Tacky'.... Watched one for the first 10mins then turned it off!! ~ Keeping Up With The Kardashians ~ awful people! They are like gypsy trailer trash!! Beautiful faces, ugly hearts!

Place I've been: Kill Devil Hills & Kitty Hawk, NC

While visiting the Outer Banks in North Carolina, we stopped at Kill Devil Hills (near Kitty Hawk), the sight of the Wright Brother's first flight.  It was both fun and educational : )
Wright Brothers Memorial

Somewhere I want to go: Key West

The southernmost point of the continental United States, Key West, Florida, USA. Photo by Cristina Muraca/ShutterStock.

Food I love: Key Lime Pie

recipe link HERE

Movie I've seen: Karate Kid

There's never been a better movie made about a young white guy learning martial arts from an old asian guy.

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

The Happiness Project: May 2015 (part one)

The Happiness Project: May 2015
Be Serious About Play
Part 1: Find More Fun
"Happy people don't need to have fun," but in fact, studies show that the absence of feeling bad isn't enough to make you happy; you must strive to find sources of feeling good. One way to feel good is to make time for play!"
"Research shows that regularly having fun is a key factor in having a happy life; people who have fun are twenty times more likely to feel happy."
There are many things that we can do for fun, like working on crafts or a DIY project, reading a new book, or playing with our kids.
The first part of this month's challenge is to find more fun! That sounds easy, but in a world of busy days and filled calendars, you really have to make time to do fun things.
A few "fun things" for me are blogging (posting on my own blog and reading other blogs), cooking, working in the yard (planting flowers), going to the beach (especially walks on Sunday with Peter). Also, we are putting the boat over this weekend, so hopefully we can go for a few boat rides and maybe fish a little. I also want to learn more about my new camera and spend a little time taking pictures.

Find more fun.....that sounds perfect!!

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

top ten + pin it tuesday


Love this flavor infuser water bottle from


I love trying new recipes and I really want to try learn how to make a frittata.....

recipe link


......and some Shrimp & Grits....yum!!

recipe link


Homemade Snicker Cups.....they look amazing! I must give these a try!!

recipe link


I need to put silicone baking cups on my to-buy list.
This set of 12 only $8.99 from Bed, Bath, & Beyond.


Another handy kitchen gadget on the list - this silicone steamer basket.


absolutely love this outdoor dining space!!

The Garden Glove (Blog)


this bedroom is pretty much perfect: color, bedding, rug, floor, chair, light, and that dresser! 
(I also like the way the dresser is styled)

Dear Lillie (Blog)


Peter and I decided we need a pedometer after all the walking we did during our last trip to Disney. I really love this one from Fitbit
I know we must have taken at least 9,999,999 steps!!!! 


I want to add a few new bushes to the yard....a hydrangea, a forsythia, and one of these cute butterfly bushes.....

Lo & Behold Blue Chip