Tuesday, April 30, 2013

30 Day Blog Challenge: Pinning

30 Day Blog Challenge: Something I pinned recently

I love this idea for graduation tassels. Will be doing two of these.

30 Day Blog Challenge: Goals

3 goals for the week

I have many things that need to get accomplished this week, but three that top my list are:

{1} Finish cleaning the b&b for opening day on Thursday. We are almost there, and it really looks good! I can't wait to post pictures, especially of the new room!!

{2} Take care of graduation related stuff like decide on seating, choose pictures for the slide show, write and send out invitations, buy outfits for the 3 of us for senior dinner and outfits for graduation for me and Peter.......I need to do this, like last week!

{3} One more night of prom decorating {Thursday}. Prom on Friday! After the Grand March, the jr. & sr. mom's will set up chocolate fountain, and hide clues for scavenger hunt. Love PROM!!!!

Sunday, April 28, 2013

30 Day Blog Challenge: Weekend Catch-Up

Last week was C-R-A-Z-Y!!! On Monday morning, I started getting the b&b ready for the new season. I had some great help though, Beth & Katie, so it made the hard work a little more fun. We got quite a bit done last week and should finish up by Wednesday....we better finish, because I have my first guests on Thursday! Everything is looking so good. I am saving the new room for last {since the carpenter and painter have a day or two of work left!} So, this and everyday life stuff like dinner, laundry, and staying on top of things here at home would have been enough, but throw in prom decorating on top of it all = 1 crazy, busy week!
A few other highlights:

Nathan finally got his ipad.....he loves it! :O)

I've been working in the yard quite a bit. I am almost finished, just need to add a few more marble chips and then I'll get some pictures.

Yesterday, Peter and I went to MD for the day. I had some shopping to do for the b&b and we wanted to stop by and visit Logan & Lindsey for a little while. It was a gorgeous day! We did a little shopping in Lowes and Walmart, then a quick trip to the mall to get lunch and a pair of shoes for work for Peter. Then, we spent a few hours catching up with Logan & Lindsey. Logan and Peter tried out his new mower while Lindsey and I talked weddings! They have narrowed it down to May 2014, now we just need a date! :O) Lindsey's mom had made an eclair cake {a belated b-day cake for me!}. It was sooooo good! I looked it up on Pinterest......I will be making this for sure this summer!

We had a nice visit and hated to have to say goodbye. I'm not sure when we'll see them again. Logan will be away at work {in the Gulf} and can't get home for Nathan's graduation. They both are sad about that. Lindsey is going to try to make it if she can.
We got home around 5 p.m., and after putting some of our stuff away, I went to visit my friend, Wanda. She had back surgery earlier this week, but is recovering nicely. I hadn't planned to stay so long, but 2 hours had passed before I knew it. It was so good to just sit and talk and get somewhat caught up. She has been my friend since we were pregnant with Logan and Whitney....all the way back to 1988!! :O) Even though we don't see each other as often as we should, I know she is just an email away {that is what we resort to most of the time just to stay in touch}. We promised not to wait so long to get together again. It's a shame it takes sickness or a death in our family to get together....life is much too short not to make time for friends! Wanda reads my blog, so she pretty much knows/sees all the things I have going on, so I keep encouraging her {and mom, and a few other friends}, to start a blog of their own....it would be so much fun to follow your blogs! ;O) ;O)
I picked up both of us a Boston Fern, but I am wondering if I am going to be able to keep it alive. I know Wanda will, she has a very green thumb, unlike me! But they are so pretty, I've been wanting a fern for a long time. I bought it inside until I can read up on their care.

Peter grilled today. We had the best steaks w/onions and mushrooms, and one of my favorite non-homemade sides...

I think our washer died......uh oh! It is only 6 years old! Now to decide on whether to have it looked at or just suck it up and buy a new one....

I'm not sure if we'll get another front load or go with an HE upright.....I'll call Sears tomorrow-hope it's good news...

On my to-do list: find something for the three of us to wear to Senior Dinner, and graduation, start writing invitations, decorate for prom {which is Friday!!!}, finish at the b&b and start the season......looks like another very busy week!

Friday, April 26, 2013

5Q Friday: April 26

1. Who drives when your family is together, you or your spouse? Peter does.

2. Are you an introvert or extrovert? I couldn't decide, since I can be both at times, so I took an online quiz and here's the results:

Your Test Scores
Extrovertedness: 50%
The Introvert-Extrovert Test
says that I'm Balanced

What does it mean?
You are fairly balanced in your introvert-extrovert personallity. You like going out, but like to have time to yourself as well. You typically have a few great friends, and many that you can hang around with.

-have motives and actions that are directed outward.
-are more prone to action than contemplation.
-are typically very friendly to unknown people.
-feel empowered in social situations.

-have motives and actions that are directed inward.
-tend to be preoccupied with their own thoughts and feelings.
-minimize their contact with other people.
3. Are you married to an introvert or extrovert? Extrovert....for sure! :O)

4. What's your favorite type of social media? Since I don't have Facebook, and have Twitter but don't use it, I'll say BLOGGING!!! :O) :O)

5. What's your favorite way to "recharge"? A little nap does the trick every time! I used to never nap, but it is now a necessity to get through the day sometimes.

30 Day Blog Challenge: 5Q Friday

Thursday, April 25, 2013

30 Day Blog Challenge: our next vacation????

Nathan mentioned a few days ago that the Bears are playing the Redskins in Washington in October.

All three of us got excited about the thought of going to see the game, especially Nathan. He was ready to get online and buy tickets, but there is one little problem with that.......we don't know if Nathan will be able to go. He will be applying for a job with a tugboat company this summer, and depending on if/when he gets hired, he may not be home to go. We are very interested though in taking this little trip to see our second NFL game. Our trip to Charlotte in 2010 to see the Bears/Panthers game was one of our favorite times together!

Right now, we are going ahead with the pre-planning, but will have to hold off on purchasing tickets for awhile. I really hope we are able to go, but will be happy if the reason we can't is because Nathan gets a job! :O)

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Top Ten Tuesday: Yard Ideas

Top Ten Tuesday

I've been pinning lots of great yard ideas. Here are 10 of my favorites:

cute little herb garden


river rocks in a box near the hose


hanging boston ferns


bright painted pots


use old bricks to edge flower beds


painted privacy fence


lemon grass for privacy and to repell mosquitoes


adirondack chairs in bright colors


backyard fire pit


potted lemon tree :O)

30 Day Blog Challenge: Top Ten Tuesday

Monday, April 22, 2013

30 Day Blog Challenge: FAMILY

Look what Nathan brought home today!

graduation invitations!!!!!

With Nathan's upcoming graduation, I've been reminiscing a little, back to 2006, the year Logan graduated.

Nathan was only 11.....

it seems like yesterday that he was trying on Logan's cap!

Now both our boys are all grown up! I copied a few recent pictures from their Facebook pages.

Nathan & Kayla then and now!!

Logan & Lindsey on their way to a friend's wedding on Saturday.

Sunday, April 21, 2013

30 Day Blog Challenge

I love blogging, but there are times when work, special events like Nathan's upcoming graduation, or sometimes just daily life, keep me from finding the time to blog. To keep me posting on a regular basis over the next month, I decided to do a 30 Day Blog Challenge. I saw several challenges that I liked, but I decided to make up my own list of 30 topics. Here is my list of blog prompts (which I'll use in no particular order) to help keep me blogging over the next 30 days.......

30 Day Blog Challenge

  • Misc. Monday
  • Top Ten Tuesday
  • Wordless Wednesday
  • Thoughtful Thursday
  • 5Q Friday
  • something on my to-do list
  • a favorite product
  • pie of the month
  • 5 things on my "someday" list
  • try a new recipe
  • my next DIY/craft project
  • blogs I love
  • my next vacation
  • something I love about each season
  • favorite time of the day
  • my last purchase (big/small)
  • a favorite spot
  • 3 "little" things from my day
  • decorating
  • 3 goals for the week
  • weekend catch-up
  • something I want to try/learn
  • if I had more time......
  • around the house....
  • something I recently pinned
  • The Simple Woman's Day Book {May Edition}
  • deal of the day
  • family
  • organization
  • something special

Saturday, April 20, 2013

weekend catch-up

It's been a very busy week at our house and I'm really feeling it! I've spent most of this week working out in the yard....Yard work=HARD work! Oh, my aching back at the end of the day....but thanks to a good night sleep, I'm raring to go the next morning.....somewhat!
For the past few years we have focused on the inside of our home, so finally this year, after much coaxing, we are sprucing up outside a bit! More on that in a future post, when I get some pictures.
For now, here's a look at the before:

I know....it's pretty bad! I'll get some pictures of the after next week.....it looks sooooo much better now!
Aside from all the yard work, I've been really busy taking reservations for the b&b. I've had tons of emails and phone calls this week. May 1st is quickly approaching, the party is just about over....we start getting the b&b ready on Monday. It's funny though, how I don't think I'll be ready to go back to work, but I always am when the time comes. I'm actually excited this year, I can't wait to decorate the new rooms. I've been taking pictures during the re-do, which I'll post once it's complete.
Nathan cooked dinner for Kayla on her birthday on Thursday. He made Chicken Alfredo, Salad, and Rolls. I made her a Peanut Butter Pie.

Sweet 16.....

I have done pretty good so far with not being too emotional about graduation, but it seems like things are happening so fast. I barely have time to take in one thing before the next thing pops up. Nathan got his Merchant Mariner's Credentials last week, and that made things very real! Then, he bought home his cap & gown....

oh my....everything is happening so fast. But, he's excited, so we're excited! :O)

Peter bought a martin house and put it up in hopes of coying some purple martins.

There are lots of them flying over, but they are tricky birds and it takes time to get them to visit your house {if ever...}. One evening, I sat and watched them as the flew over......checking out our new birdhouse for sure ;O) ;O).....

I finally remembered to take some pictures of the island Dad made for me. I went back and dug out pictures of this project.
I had lots of ideas, but ended up using what I already had, and just did a little re-do. I had taken out a cabinet to install our dishwasher, so this cabinet had been in storage for years.

I wanted to add wainscotting to the sides and back, change out the hardware, and give it a fresh coat of white paint. I originally thought about putting a longer top on it and adding legs for support, but I had a piece of butcher block that would fit, so I went with that. I plan on changing my kitchen countertop in the near future and will change the island countertop as well. I really like the size of it, but might extend it like I had planned when I replace the countertops.
Dad did an awesome job....

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Menu Planning

Monday April 8-Sunday April 15
Nathan called last week's meals "Your worst ever!"......I guess that's why I've been putting off posting about it.
Here's a recap:
Monday 4/8- Breakfast for dinner: blueberry pancakes & bacon. I thought this was a great dinner, Nathan, not-so-much. He picked through his pancakes, fishing out all the blueberries. He loves blueberry muffins, so one would think he would love blueberry pancakes.....right??? Wrong! He said he only likes the fake blueberries, not the real ones that pop when you eat them. Go figure!!

Tuesday 4/09- We were away all day, so Peter and I had a big lunch at Red Lobster. Nathan wanted to go home early, so he had a quick sub from Subway. I made pizza and shrimp dip that night. This was his best meal of the week!

Wednesday 4/10- single fried oysters (which Nathan can take or leave) I did make a box of shells and cheese (a staple) for him, so that perked up the meal somewhat. :O)

Thursday 4/11- Hot Dogs, fries, & corn. I asked Nathan if he wanted his hot dogs on the Foreman grill or just boiled. He asked "hot dog sandwiches"?... "for dinner"? Um, yea......LOL.... I think I've cooked too many yummy Pinterest dishes this winter! :O)

Friday 4/12- PTA Sub Sale: These coldcut subs are so good! Nathan was disappointed because I had ordered it with stuff on it he didn't like, so he picked at it.

Saturday 4/13- We had fish today (again, not Nathan's favorite), but it was my favorite, we had baked shad. I posted about this last year. Here is the link to that post.

Sunday 4/14- Tacos

Overall, a pretty good meal plan, but Nathan thought otherwise.

This week started off pretty good:
Monday 4/15- Pork Chops w/rice (one of Nathan's favorites!) and broccoli
Tuesday 4/16- Spaghetti w/ garlic bread
Wednesday 4/17- a busy evening, so we ordered out.

Wordless Wednesday: Cap & Gown

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Pin It Tuesday: Wire Cake Stands

I've started planning Logan & Lindsey's wedding shower in my head (and on Pinterest) and just love all the vintage inspired wire cake stands for the cake table.

Here are a few that I have pinned:

and this gorgeous stand:

On Saturday, I went to a big community yard sale and found some great stuff, including this stand, that only cost me $4:

I love it!!! I'll probably spray paint it white?
 I think it will look great on the cake table, or cupcake table, since that is my other idea. We have a local girl who bakes amazing (and pretty) cupcakes!! I think that would be a fun, easy (for me), yummy alternative to doing cake. Either way, I'll be using my latest favorite find for display.....now I just need to get one (or two.....or three) of these.....

:O) :O) :O) :O)

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