Friday, August 30, 2013

5 on friday: good things

Linking up for 5 on friday.....
{1} outside.....
I spent a little time in the yard today.... I switched out a few of the pots on the front steps to more fall-y colors and put out a few pumpkins. {{I am so ready to purchase some mums!}}. I did some weeding around the patio and flower garden {which is overflowing!!}. I can't believe how well it has done this summer. I have taken notes on what grew best and how much room things took up and have some good ideas for next summer's garden. I'm hoping to put in some tulip and daffodil bulbs so hopefully, I'll have a pretty spring garden too! I spotted a few monarch butterflies this morning. After last year's discovery, I've been on the lookout for their return. They are amazing! :O)

{2} more grilling........we started with peppers, onions, sausage.....

Peter added pepperoncini, salt, pepper, & olive oil......

then we picked a few cherry tomatoes and threw those on top too!

We put this yummy grilled mixture on a toasted bun....soooo good!

{3} an organized closet................
Nathan wanted to get his room a little more organized, so while he has been home he has sorted through all of his "stuff". Yesterday, we took EVERYTHING out of his closet and threw away, packed away, gave away a whole lot of junk things he no longer wanted to keep in his room. It looks so much better!! I am so ready to get home and get organized!! :O)

{4} pumpkin cinnamon ice cream on a waffle further explanation needed!!

{5} a great shot......
Logan is going to make an awesome daddy someday!
source: facebook
(Logan, Lindsey, Zach, & Kate @ the beach)

harvest time {a little early}

We have pumpkins!!! And lots of them....11 large and 5 small (and 2 that didn't make it!) I know it's still August, but I am so motivated to decorate for FALL!!! :O) They probably won't make it to Halloween, but I am going to enjoy them while I can. I'll decorate with a few and share a few!
Welcome FALL!!!!!

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

winner, winner chicken dinner!

It's no secret I love to cook, but there is one meal that Peter asks begs for that I NEVER cook.....fried chicken! Never, like in 30 years of marriage, I may have fried chicken a handful of times. I don't know why. Maybe because there are endless chicken recipes that I prefer to make, or maybe I have a secret fear that the chicken may look like it's cooked and it ends up being all pretty on the outside and bloody on the inside {although I am not speaking from experience here}. :O) So, after much begging for fried chicken {and an offer to help cook it} we had FRIED CHICKEN for dinner tonight!!!

I must admit that Peter did most of the cooking, but our joint effort at chicken frying was definitely a winner. We really didn't have a recipe, just a combo of several recipes that ended up being maybe the best I've ever eaten!! Here's our recipe...... I had read that the "secret" to fried chicken is soaking it in buttermilk for several hours or overnight, so after cutting up a whole chicken {which btw, I am awesome at thanks to momma's teaching!}, I put the chicken parts in a large bowl and covered with buttermilk. If you are like me and don't have buttermilk on hand, you can make your own adding 1 T. vinegar (or lemon juice) per cup of milk {momma taught me that too!}. The next thing I read about frying chicken {we took cooking this chicken very serious...LOL}, was to use a cast iron skillet. Of course, we don't have one of those either, but we borrowed Nanny's old skillet from Peter's mom. Next, the flour mixture....Peter threw together a concoction of flour, parsely flakes, salt, pepper, paprika, garlic powder, and Old Bay seasoning. Once the oil was hot, he dredged the soaked chicken in the flour mixture and put in the skillet to fry.

We were worried about how long to cook it, so we looked online to see what the average cooking time was {and found out we really should buy a meat thermometer as well}. We ended up cooking it about 6 minutes, then turning and cooking another 12-14 minutes until golden brown. The chicken was PERFECT!!! And sooooo MOIST!! I really believe the buttermilk did the trick!!

Peter was very proud of how good the chicken turned out. It has taken him all these years to start cooking, but he really enjoys cooking and I really love having a partner in the kitchen!

patriotic pallet

Mom's latest pallet project.....

LOVE IT!!!! :O)

wordless wednesday: a touch of chevron

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

my happy list ~ august 27

Linking up with Art @ Home......
My Happy List
my happy list.......

{1} slow day at work=blog time :O)
Live.Blog.Love. via My Pretty Brown Blog
I haven't posted in awhile for several reasons, either I'm too busy at work or I'm just too tired {or lazy} to take the time to post. I love blogging and love when I have a little free time to take pictures and post more often. Today was a slow day at work, so I thought I'd spend a little time on my blog, catching up on reading and posting!

{2} a mani appointment......
Wanda and I don't get together often enough, so scheduling a mani appointment together is a great way to catch up! We have one today and I'm thinking I might add a little chevron???
pretty baby pink nails with black and white chevron & silver glitter nail
{3} dinner in the freezer.....
This day just keeps getting better! A big bag of chili in the freezer means a no-cook day for me! :O) I'll heat up some Texas Toast and make a salad for the guys and I'll have some pizza later. Wondering why I don't do more make-ahead freezer cooking.....a no-cook day really makes me happy!

{4} having Nathan home.....
Nathan has been home almost a week, and while the hamper has been brimming over since he got back, I really love having him here!!!! :O) :O)

{5} out on the water......
I hate to admit that I haven't been out on the boat since the 4th of July! Peter put the boat on the railway last week, so hopefully now, we'll take advantage of this beautiful weather and get out on the water!
A few pictures I took at the railway last week......

Top Ten & Pin It Tuesday: Feelin' Fall-y

It's that time of's starting to feel like F*A*L*L.
Here's what I've been pinning.......
black maxi skirt/white tee/scarf/denim jacket
I bought a black maxi skirt last spring and it's still hanging in my closet w/tags. I like this combo for fall{and I already have these pieces in my closet!}

Lanterns......on my to-buy list!
Mini Pumpkin Pies...perfect for Thanksgiving!
mini pumpkin pies.....yes, please!
fall dining outdoors
fall dining outside ...who says the patio is just for summer??
I make Lemon Lush all the time, but can't wait to give this recipe for Pumpkin Lush a try!
Pumpkin Lush ( a new spin on a family favorite: Lemon Lush)
bittersweet wreath
a bittersweet wreath for the front door???
pretty firepit patio backyard area
backyard bonfire
Caramel Apple Bites
caramel apple bites!!!
Dollar store pantry makeover-Must Do!
stay at home = organized home
DIY Chevron pumpkin
chevron pumpkins

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Homecoming 2013

This year's Homecoming was very different {different-that seems to be our new normal}. We were missing Nathan, but we have had an awesome weekend with Logan and Lindsey.

Friday was very laid back, they had lunch and visited family, and then off to Homecoming. I had a very hectic, busy day {week} at work. I had to push myself to make it in to work the funnel cake stand at 6:00. It was nice though, since Wanda & I worked together those 2 hours {then we sat and talked for 4 more}! We finally got caught up {or do we really ever get caught up??}. It was a perfect night for Homecoming! Friday night was by far the better of the two nights. I got up early Saturday and went up to my parents house. Mom, Dad, & Julie were outside having coffee, what a better way to start the day: time with family, cappuccino & a cream puff! Logan and Lindsey spent some time at the beach, then we had a big steamed crab/shrimp feast. The weather was gorgeous, so we ate outside.

We sat around and talked, and finally started getting ready for night two of Homecoming. It started to sprinkle before we left, but we hoped the rain would hold off just a few more hours. It ended up raining off & on all night, so I couldn't seem to get into the festivities, besides, I didn't have a partner to talk to {Wanda- where were you????} and Mom left early. I did one Cupid Shuffle {maybe I'll learn the Wobble by next year-LOL}, ate a funnel cake, didn't win the raffled trip to OBX :O( :O(, after a few hours, Peter and I decided to call it a night.
It rained all day today....I had work, but came home early to have lunch with the family. Logan and Lindsay headed back home at 4:00. It was so nice having them here this weekend......what a great weekend!

Thursday, August 15, 2013

favorite things thursday: bloggers I love

Week 2- August 15: There have been some bloggers that I have followed since my discovery of the world of blogging. Erin at Sunny Side Up is one of them.
grab my buttonHow I style my hair

She first snagged my attention with her obsession with organizing.

After only a few days of reading her blog, I was hooked. I love her writing style.
I love her posts on motherhood and family:

fashion & photography:

 and lately, their new house:

 I especially love her decorating style.....

I feel like I should go paint something aqua! :O)

Go check out Erin's blog, I'm sure you'll love it, just as much as I do!

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Wordless Wednesday: Far Away

Nathan's tug passing through New York....destination New Haven, CT.

The Simple Woman's Day Book: August Edition

Outside my was gorgeous!!!! Perfect temps & windows open!! :O)

I am thinking....somehow I am getting through this busy, hectic week at work {alone}! Beth is away this week and other than today, I've been on my own at the b&b!! A big thanks to Dad for picking up my guests!!! :O)

I am thankful....that things are going good with Nathan. He seems very contented and says he is getting the hang of things on the boat. One week to go {hopefully he'll get home next week!}.

In the kitchen....I put beans in the crockpot this morning and fried a few soft crabs for dinner today. YUM!!

I am wearing....khaki capris and a purple 2013 t-shirt.

I am creating....NOTHING!!! Life is just too busy right now to be creative....LOL

I am looking forward to.... Logan & Lindsey's visit this weekend!!!

Around the the house a major cleaning since we have company coming! :O)

A favorite quote of the day:
Life is a balance of holding on and letting go - Rumi awesome-quotes

One of my favorite things.... vacation dreaming!!!
beach in the middle of nowhere (love the pink chairs)

Upcoming plans:

2 days until Homecoming / L & L home for a visit (8/16-17)

20 days until back to school & Logan's birthday!!! :O) (9/03)

22 days until football season! :O) :O) Bears first game is 9/08.

 27 days until the we go to the O's game!!! (9/10) ......crossing our fingers that Nathan won't miss it!!!!!!!

 53 days until the end of the b&b season (10/07)

78 days until Halloween (10/31)

106 days until Thanksgiving (11/28)

 133 days until Christmas (12/25)

{a day in onancock}

07.14.18 We (Peter, Glenna, Addison, & I) took a day trip to Onancock for Dawsyn's 1st Birthday party! What a gorgeous day on...