Tuesday, February 28, 2017

{february day book}


{outside my window}

It's the last day of February and 60+ degrees...need I say more?? :O)

{current status}

feeling spring-y!
I love this warm weather and all the flowers
that have started blooming! :O)


jeans + a TVFD tee
(((and NO jacket!!)
:O) :O)

{in the kitchen}

clams casino for dinner tonight.

{what's on tv}

This Is Us!!!
There are definitely wedding bells on the set of This Is Us, but not for the couple you may expect.  While walking around the Paramount lot, Mandy Moore and Milo Ventimiglia participated in a Twitter Q&A that their wedding would soon make it to the show.  RELATED VIDEO: ‘This is Us’ Star Chrissy Metz:

{favorite quote of the week}

Love grows best in little houses / Lettering by Chelcey Tate:

love my new sign!! <3

{from the board - Pinterest}

I think these mini-libraries are the cutest!
I want one for our front yard! :O)

{one of my favorite things}

love these chunky throws!
I wonder if I could learn arm knitting????:O)


2/02 - Peter dr. appointment
2/02-2/03 V-Day getaway
2/08 - crew change (P)boat
2/14 - Valentine's Day <3
2/22 - Kamry 10 months!! 
2/22 - crew change (P) home 3 weeks!


3/14 - Julie's b-day
3/15 - crew change (P) 3 weeks on :O(
3/20 - MY birthday :O)
3/22 - Kamry 11 months!!


4/05 - crew change (P) home!
4/10 - wisdom teeth!! :O(
4/15 - Tax Day
4/16 - EASTER
4/19 - crew change (P) boat
<3 <3 <3

itunes tuesday

I really, really, really want to go to this concert!!!! 

It's on my bucket list for 2017!

I think I&#39;m in love with this shape from the Silhouette Online Store!

new additions to my playlist.....

(1) Humble & Kind - Tim McGraw
Great song ~ greater words ... incredible message!:

(2) It's Your Love - Faith Hill & Tim McGraw

Tim Mgraw and Faith Hill:

Instagram - Tim McGraw &amp; Faith Hill

Tim McGraw and Faith Hill

(3) 7 Years - Lukas Graham

7 Years - Lukas Graham:

(4) My Church - Maren Morris

My church Maren Morris

Maren Morris – My Church Lyrics | Genius

(5) Closer - The Chainsmokers

Anteprima audio del nuovo singolo dei The Chainsmokers - Closer ft. Halsey, che verrĂ  rilasciato ufficialmente il 29 luglio 2016.

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Monday, February 27, 2017

{Copycat} Serendipity Frozen Hot Chocolate

I soooo want to go back to NYC and if I ever get back there, I'm heading straight over to Serendipity3 for their famous Frozen Hot Chocolate!! I saw this copycat recipe on Pinterest and knew I just had to give it a try.

Happy Monday!! :O)

Frozen Hot Chocolate

1 cup milk
1-1/2 pkg. hot cocoa mix
1-1/2 cups ice
whipped cream 
shaved chocolate or sprinkles (garnish)

Blend ice, milk, & cocoa mix in Nutribullet.
Topped with whipped cream. Garnish.

Makes 1 serving.


Sunday, February 26, 2017

Stitch Fix Review - February 2017

Stitch Fix #4 - February 2017

I always love getting happy mail, especially when it's a Stitch Fix box! It's so exciting to open it up and see what's inside. At first glance, it looked like I had some gotten some really great stuff this month!! 

[1] Classic TOMS in olive - $48

I requested another pair of TOMS and got them! I love the color, and loved them even more when I saw the rest of my box! [keep]

[2] Kut From The Kloth Kate Distressed Boyfriend Jean - $78

Blue jeans were on my list and these were a perfect fit! LOVE!! [keep]

[3] En Creme Aunica Cross Front Hem Knit Top - $34

I asked for a basic white top for layering. My stylist said she couldn't find a white one, but thought I would love this cream colored one. Absolutely! It fits really well and I love the hem detail. [keep]

[4] Papermoon Petrova Floral Back Mixed Material Cardigan - $48

This was my favorite piece! I love this lightweight cardigan, perfect for this time of year and spring/early summer. I really love the floral back - love the colors - olive and rose/coral! Looks awesome layered with the cream top, jeans, and olive TOMS! [keep]

[5] RD Style Sorelle Rain Jacket - $88

Again, I got what requested - a lightweight jacket for spring (anorak style at that) and while I really liked it, I thought $88 was a bit steep. I was ready to say no to this item after trying it on, because it was too tight under the arms, but in the end I exchanged it for a bigger size. I ended up keeping the entire box this month,  as it is much cheaper to keep it all than just a few items [since you get 25% off for buying all 5 items]. I took it to the P.O. on Saturday and had the replacement (that fit!) by Thursday. 
It's very lightweight and super cute! [keep]

Thoughts: I've had the same stylist, Litsa, for all of my shipments so far. I think she tries very hard to find items that I will love and really listens to my requests. I do list quite a few options, as so far, I have not just taken a chance and gotten a surprise box. I may do that in the future, but for now, I am able to come up with a list every month. I highly suggest a style board on Pinterest, because seeing things you would actually wear is a big help when putting your box together.

At first, I thought about just keeping the jeans, top, and cardigan, and returning the jacket and shoes. I can always buy TOMS from their site, and it was more than I would normally pay for a jacket if I were shopping in a store, but of course, I'd much rather get 5 items than 3 when paying pretty much the same amount of money with getting the 25% off. That's where they get you I guess, but somehow I feel like I'm getting a "deal". :O) Also, this month, I had a $25 credit because a friend signed up under me! THANKS!! :O) I also had an almost $50 check from eBates which is like "free" money, so hey, that's $75 off this box! :O) I

 am still super happy with Stitch Fix and can hardly wait to get my March box!!!

If you decide to join Stitch Fix, please use my referral---

[my stylist fee was taken from my $25 credit - 
so nothing was charged this month until I paid for my box]

Saturday, February 25, 2017

Pioner Woman: Asparagus w/ Dill Hollandaise

Asparagus w/ Dill Hollandaise

4 bundles of asparagus -ends trimmed (I only used 2)
2 sticks butter
4 egg yolks 
juice of 2 lemons
4 dill sprigs - minced (plus more whole sprigs for garnish)
1 tsp. salt

  1. Steam asparagus until bright green. Remove from pot and set aside on a platter.
  2. To make hollandaise, melt butter in a saucepan until very hot and sizzling.
  3. Add egg yolks to blender.
  4. Next, add the juice from 2 lemons.
  5. With blender on, slowly drizzle the hot butter into the blender with the yolks. It'll start to thicken right away.
  6. Next, add the minced dill and salt and mix it again until combined.
  7. Drizzle it all over the top of the asparagus.
  8. Garnish the top with extra dill. 

my review: I have been wanting to try making hollandaise sauce forever. I have the recipe marked in my Julia Child cookbook, but it just looked so intimidating! When I saw it in my PW cookbook for March, I knew I wanted to give it a try! It was super easy and soooo delicious! I wonder now why I've waited so long to give hollandaise sauce a try! It was the perfect compliment to the steamed asparagus! I will definitely make this again! :O)

side note: I thought it was funny when I plated my dinner......Peter cooked deer steaks on the grill and I made a fancy, hollandaise sauce w/asparagus....now that's what you call pairing redneck with classy! :O) :O) :O) Obviously, I'm no chef, but it sure does taste good!!! :O)

January Recipe {LINK}
February Recipe {LINK} {LINK}

Friday, February 24, 2017

Farmhouse Breakfast Bar

My idea: I have been wanting to rearrange/update the kitchen for awhile now, and I really wanted to add a breakfast bar. I knew exactly what I wanted, but since I'm not super handy, I needed to find some HELP with this project. Dad came out of carpenter retirement {{{squeal}}} Yaaaa!! the project was a go!

The base: a basic white board & batten cabinet + a weathered wood counter top, nothing fancy, just your basic farmhouse-style snack bar. Since I have an eat-in kitchen, I wanted to keep it to a 2-person size, with room enough for mixing if I needed the extra counter space.

[source for the next 9 pictures: Pinterest]

Breakfast Bar (inspiration) ❤️:

great counter:

Farmhouse style hutch decorated for Christmas with fresh greenery and black and white accents.:

Breakfast Bar (idea):

wood countertop:

I ultimately, chose a style that was simplest yet gave me the look I was going for. I wanted the cabinet on one end, with a support attached to the wall on the other end and the counter top running the whole way across, similar to the next pic........this way, I wouldn't have to mess with the molding and the stools would fit under the bar perfectly on either side.

Island Dreams Kitchen - traditional - kitchen - boston - Kristen Schraven:

The top: my dilemma was the wood counter tops. I searched Pinterest and had pretty much narrowed it down to buying the thickest planks I could and "weathering" them like below.

Breakfast For Dinner: Faux Butcher Block Conter-Top Tutorial:

DIY Wide Plank Butcher Block Counter Tops | <a href="http://simplymaggie.com" rel="nofollow" target="_blank">simplymaggie.com</a>

barn wood counter top

When I'm doing a project I can become quite obsessed with it, even "fall asleep thinking about it" obsessed, so one night it hit me!! I had THE PERFECT boards sitting right in my shed!!!! I couldn't wait to get up to go out and measure them. oh.my.goodness...They were PERFECT!!!! :O) :O) :O) Our kitchen table originally came with 2 benches that I stopped using a few years ago. They have just been sitting there, all this time, waiting to be used again! We had redone the table a few years ago and it had turned out so well, I was excited to see if these would work for the counter top project.

Nathan pulled them in from the shed, and even screwed all the tops off, but was very skeptical (which I'm used to by now). We put them in place just to get an idea of how it would look and yes, they were indeed perfect!! {{{squeal}}}

So, a few days later, Dad got started on the cabinet part of the project. This poor cabinet has been used and reused, but I think it has finally found it's permanent home. Remember the kitchen island project?? I loved it, but it needed to go once I added a breakfast bar. {I also finally moved out the pie safe Dad made back in the 80's!!! I'm sad that I just can't make room for it anymore, but I really need a new look, and I definitely won't be getting rid of it {it will be more storage in the shed - for now}.

Luan + plank trim = my new board & batten cabinet

Here's a few behind the scenes pics....

So, Dad finished the cabinet part, and fast forward to Peter getting home. His job was sanding the boards. He did an amazing job on our kitchen table so I anxious to see how this would turn out.

The boards were gorgeous{if lumber is indeed gorgeous} LOL and even more gorgeous with a coat of stain on it!

now to add a coat of wax.....

I painted the base white and Dad came back to attach the top.
Then Peter finished up the trim.

First look.....

{side note: the tile grout needs cleaning!!} :O(


I ended up ordering the bar stools online from Target since they were not available at the store. :O(
They were on sale + free shipping, so I got both stools w/tax for $123.19. :O) I LOVE them!!!

I absolutely LOVE this new space in the kitchen! It's exactly what I pictured in my mind {even when everyone else is skeptical when I share my ideas}. I have used it every day since it was completed and I think it really added a nice, farmhouse touch to our kitchen. :O)

{a day in onancock}

07.14.18 We (Peter, Glenna, Addison, & I) took a day trip to Onancock for Dawsyn's 1st Birthday party! What a gorgeous day on...