Monday, May 30, 2016

The Shark on the Harbor - O.C. MD

I just realized I never posted about the amazing dinner we had at The Shark on the Harbor in Ocean City a few weeks ago. We actually ended up there by accident, since the first two restaurants we tried weren't open on Thursdays, and Sunset Grille had an hour wait. As we pulled out of Sunset Grille parking lot, I spotted The Shark across the street and remembered reading great online reviews, so I suggested we give it a try. Luckily, they had a table, and soon, we were eating one of the best meals of our lives!!! :O)



the shark on the harbor
real food * from scratch

"We believe that great food and healthful ingredients are not mutually exclusive of each other. We buy organic produce from local farmers and seafood from the commercial fishing harbor right outside our restaurant. We feature all natural products - steering clear of preservatives and antibiotics. Whole grains and whole foods are used in the preparation of our menu - which our chefs write twice daily, based on what's fresh, available and delicious. Fresh. Local. Organic. Taste the difference."

The menu is written daily, based on what's available from local farmers and commercial fishermen. The menu also provides the local vendor names that supply the ingredients for each the meal.
About the culinary team at The Shark: HERE

Our meal:
Make sure you order the bread!!!!! It's not your ordinary bread basket! YUM!
As an app, (((of course))) Peter ordered the Mussels (w/ andouille sausage).....

He said these were fantastic!
(and 3 dozen mussels for $10....fantastic price!)
For his entree, he chose the Grilled Swordfish special....

I chose the Beet & Berry Salad w/ Grilled Swordfish.
(roasted beets, berries (the strawberries and blackberries were the sweetest, juiciest ever!!), micro greens, vidalia mascarpone, house pickled pepper vinaigrette
This dish was one the freshest, tastiest meals I have ever eaten!!!
The blend of flavors was amazing!!
We decided to split dessert and ordered the Black Berry & Bourbon Cobbler.
I can hardly wait to go back!!! I love finding "hidden gems"! While I know Sunset Grille has great food and an awesome atmosphere (and we will return), I can't help but dream about the amazing food at The Shark and choose it as our new favorite O.C. restaurant!! :O)
Open Year Round!!
7 days a week
Brunch / 10:30 - 3:00
Lunch / 11:30 - 4:30
Dinner 4:30 - 10:00
Monday - Thursday
Lunch: 11:30 - 4:30
Dinner 4:30 - 10:00
Friday - Saturday
    Lunch: 11:30 - 4:30
Dinner 4:30 - 10:00
410-213- 0924
Sample menu: HERE

Sunday, May 29, 2016

memorial day + weekend catch-up

Thursday 5/26/16
Drive to Baltimore to visit Kamry, Logan, and Lindsey!
It was a gorgeous, sunny day, a great start to the holiday weekend!

{milk coma} <3
We had an awesome visit and really hated leaving, but decided this time instead of staying in Baltimore we would drive back so that we could get some things done at the house on Friday before going home.
We stretched our day out as long as we could, then finally hit the road around 7:00.
Peace Out Baltimore! :O)
We were starving by the time we got to Salisbury, and barely hit closing time at Texas Roadhouse!! There were still a few tables of people left when we ordered. We ended up being the last two to leave the restaurant!! We have NEVER done that before (but really enjoyed our dinner)!
Allie was happy to see us!!
Friday 5/27/16
Peter had lots of errands to run the next morning, I spring cleaned the master bath and did laundry. Once Peter got back, we headed to Salisbury to pick up some things for the nursery at Babies R Us.
Grabbed a quick lunch at Sonic on the way there!
Cherry Slushes are the best <3 <3
We pretty much finished the nursey (I'll post photos as soon as she comes home!).
Lindsey had picked the bumper from Pottery Barn Kids and it had finally come in. I still couldn't find a bed skirt to match, but have since ordered one from Amazon.
Her room looks so girly! The pink, grey, and white look awesome together! I think it turned out just like Lindsey imagined. Can hardly wait until Kamry is snuggled in her crib!
Saturday 5/28/16
toursist season on a holiday weekend = work for me!
Mom invited us up for dinner with her and Dad. It was YUMMY as usual! There is just something about your Mom's cooking!!! :O) Thanks again Momma!!
After dinner, we went out on the boat. Gorgeous evening!!


Sunday 5/28/16
I had to work!! :O( And it rained! :O(
It cleared long enough for the Memorial Program to go on. I pretty much miss it every year due to work, but Peter went. Later, we cooked dinner on the grill.
grilled marinated rib-eye steaks, asparagus, onions, and a baked potato
Happy Memorial Day Weekend!
I am grateful for all the men and women who have fought for our country or are still fighting and for those who lost their lives in pursuit for our freedom. Thank you for your service and sacrifice.

Friday, May 27, 2016

5 on friday: this & that

(one) and the winner is.....
Two seasons ago, I picked Tyler & Laura from the beginning and they won Amazing Race! And then last season, I picked Kelsey & Joey, and they won!:O) Well guess what....I picked the winners again! :O) Three seasons in a row!!
Back in February:
"amazing race (season 28)

After week #2, my thoughts....

Don't really have a favorite team yet, although I like:

:O) Dana & Matt (even though they bickered quite a bit)"

They kept being a favorite all through the race, and they were the winners!!!! :O) :O)

Engaged YouTubers and dancers/choreographers
Dana Borriello and Matt Steffanina

 [New Yorker Dana, 29, is engaged to Matt, 30, from Virginia. Both are professional dancers and choreographers, and Matt is also a YouTuber. When asked what she hopes to accomplish after “The Amazing Race,” she said, “I hope that Matt and I can learn to work together better and really prove what an incredible team we can be together. I also have a major issue letting go of control, so I hope that being out of my comfort zone while racing will help me to get over that and be more comfortable to not be in control of every situation.” Their relationship also seems to be in Matt’s mind, as he replied, “Learning to communicate better under pressure with my partner.”]

(two) new ride!!

yep.....Peter traded in the Trailblazer and bought this awesome truck!!!
He literally made this transaction in the time it took me to pick up a few groceries at Food Lion! We are sooooooooooooo different when it comes to decision making!! :O) :O) I do love the truck though, a really nice upgrade! :O)

(3) let's get organized!

Not doing a whole lot of extras around the house these days, but did finally organize Peter's dresser. He loves being able to see all the clothes instead of everything crammed in and just grabbing whatever was on top. #konmarimethod
(Still want to get Marie Kondo's books: Spark Joy and Life-Changing Magic)

(four) in our backyard......
Our patio area looks horrible! Between the wet weather, being gone so much, and starting work, I haven't done a thing to our backyard....and it's almost JUNE! Hopefully, once the weather clears again, I can get busy sprucing things up!!

Flashback to 2013.....I want my pretty patio back!!!

(five) my calendar


5 days - 6/01  crew change (Peter back to work)
12 days - 6/08  crew change (Nathan home)
13 days - 6/09 TCS Graduation
16 days - 6/12  MIL/BIL birthday
19 days - 6/15  Dad's birthday & crew change (Peter home)
21 days - 6/17 our 33rd anniversary <3
23 days - 6/19  Father's Day!
24 days - 6/20 Nathan turns 21! & Mom and Dad anniversary
26 days - 6/22 Kamry 2 months old & crew change (Nathan back to work)
33 days - 6/29 Peter's birthday & back to work :O(


38 days - 7/04 Happy 4th of July!
47 days - 7/13 crew change (Peter home)
51 days - 7/17 - Lindsey's birthday
56 days - 7/22 Kamry 3 months old
61 days - 7/27 crew change (Peter back to work)


81 days - 8/11-13 Homecoming


99 days - 9/03 Logan's birthday
101 days - 9/05 Labor Day


127 days - 10/01 Last night B&B :O) :O) :O)

Kamry {5 weeks old}

Warning: Only continue reading if you are ready to see LOTS of sweet baby pics! :O) :O)

Kamry turned 5 weeks old today!
We made another trip to Baltimore yesterday to see our sweet girl! She is now 4 lbs. 9 oz. and measures 16 inches long!!!!! Another milestone, she is not only drinking from a bottle, but she started breastfeeding while we were there. :O) The only thing left for Kamry to do before she can go home, is to take all feedings from either bottle or breast, no feeding line (which as of today she was using for only a couple of her feeds). We got these pics of her earlier this week, and couldn't believe how "chubby" she has gotten. It's like it happened overnight!!

<3 <3 <3

Bless her sweet heart!!!
We could hardly wait to get there, not only to see everyone again, but we knew today was the day.....we would finally get to hold her!!!!!!

There are no words!!!!!! <3 <3 <3
We stayed with them all day, taking only a few minutes for lunch on the patio while Lindsey got introduced to breastfeeding.

This room.....Kamry's first "home".
Lindsey and Logan have spent hours here in this little room, waiting, watching, worrying, laughing, crying, but most of all loving their beautiful little girl. It's no wonder she is thriving!! <3

Am I cute or what???? This picture perfectly captures her sweet features: the wrinkled forehead, those pretty, bright eyes, that little nose, those lips, that chin....and now, those cute fat cheeks! Isn't she the sweetest??? :O)

 We finally left the hospital around 7:00. It was a gorgeous drive....we were sad to leave, but know it won't be long now until she comes HOME! :O)

{day 34}

summer mornings....

little things.....having coffee on the patio be grateful........ doing this 30 day scripture writing plan for JUNE...... ...