Wednesday, August 29, 2012

DIY Project: Binder Ring Mini [2]

I've been wanting to get more organized with my menu planning, but can't quite seem to find the time to get it all together. As soon as work slows down, I hope to get better organized in that area of my life. I want to try some of the make-ahead freezer meals I've pinned on Pinterest, even better if you can put it in the crock pot. I also want to be better organized with actually planning out my meals and doing better at the grocery store. A big problem I have is just coming up with something different every day. I can get stuck in a rut and cook the same or similar type meals for awhile, then I throw in something we haven't had in awhile or try a new recipe. I had started jotting down what we had for dinner each day on the calendar, but then I remembered the little binder rings I bought a few months back and decided to put together mini binder, this time for menu ideas. I can jot down what we have each day on a piece of card stock {main dish on front, side dishes on back}, and add it to the ring. It hangs on the fridge for easy access.
Here's how I made it....
  • cut front and back out of card stock or thick scrapbook paper and punch hole in corner
  • add ribbon, stickers, or other embellishments to front cover
  • cut out squares a little smaller than cover and punch holes in each
  • write meal ideas on squares
  • put everything on binder ring
  • it's a work in progress, so make extra squares to add to ring
  • categorize {for now, I have mine in no particular order, just what we have for dinner each day}
I have a few other ideas for menu planning, most I saw on Pinterest. Here a few of my favorites:
DIY menu board
meal planning - countertop
Menu Plan Bindermenu frame

For now, maybe my mini binder will help with my "what are we having for dinner" dilemma!

Wordless Wednesday - Aug 29 printable subway art

source: subway art printable

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

The Simple Woman's Daybook - August Edition

Outside my window...It has been so hot and humid again today, I am really ready for some fall-like weather soon.

I am thinking...that Nathan really skimped on his school supplies this year.....LOL...this was the extent of his shopping!

I am thankful...for the great season we have had at the b&b!

In the kitchen...I made chicken pot pies for dinner today. It's a family favorite!

I am wearing...denim capris & a pink tee

I am creating...hardly anything these days, I'm just way too busy at work. I did start working on a "menu ideas" binder ring. Just a ring with tabs with dinner ideas. I'm thinking of writing down what we're having for dinner each day and adding a tab to the ring, categorizing, of course, for a quick go-to for dinner ideas. I'll post pictures when it's finished.

I am my very last ever Open House at school on Friday!

I am wondering...why I'm not as emotional about school starting as I thought I'd be....I don't think it has actually hit me yet that Nathan is graduating!!!

I am reading...nothing..........

I am hoping...I can soon figure out what Nathan should wear in his senior portraits....nothing is jumping out at me.....

I am looking forward to...FALL!!!!!

Around the house...I called Window World yesterday to get some info about their company. We need to replace several of our Anderson windows this fall and we might get them to do the job. I can't believe we've been in the house for 21 years!!

A favorite quote for today...
Dr. Seuss quote
One of my favorite things...

Pinned Image

A few plans for the rest of the week:
Open House on Friday, busy holiday weekend at the b&b, Peter and Nathan will be going to the boat docking on Sunday, Monday is Logan's b-day, and on's back to school!

A peek into my day...
I love getting notes from guests :O) It makes me happy to know they had a nice stay!

Monday, August 27, 2012

fun in the 2

more fun in the sun.....and some rain too
 We took a break from the rides, and once we found Peter, we took a ride down the boardwalk on the tram. Now, I've been going to O.C. for a long time, but I don't remember taking the leisurely ride on the tram. The four of us started out together, but a few blocks down, Nathan and Kayla bailed to do some shopping {Nathan later told me he thinks the tram ride is for "old people"}. :O)
Teenager-free, we resumed our peaceful ride, taking in all the sights {and let me tell you there are some sights!}. It was fun seeing the shops and beach from a different perspective. My thoughts on the tram and relaxing!!
I've always loved the sand sculptures....these were a bit weathered by the rain though.
One of my favorite sights....all the kites in front of my favorite store.....
Time to turn around and head back. Once back at the station, we met up with Nathan & Kayla, and rode a few more rides. The skies were beginning to look threatening, but we kept going just the same. We split up to do some shopping, Peter bought his usual M.R. Ducks shirt, but it took me a little longer to find a shirt I wanted.
Great store, but I didn't end up finding anything....either wrong size or wrong color...I did later buy 2 O.C. t-shirts that I liked before we left. We all met up again, and Kayla and I decided to ride the Freak-Out before we had to leave. This is my favorite ride in O.C.........
I took this picture of the Freak-Out from the car as we were leaving......this ride is so much fun!!!!!
A quick stop at Dolles to stock up on popcorn and taffy before hitting the road.

By the time we found the SUV, it was really getting nasty.
We were now ready for some food and we decided to get dinner at Hoopers Crab House.

We had a great dinner here with the boys a few years ago, so we decided to eat here again tonight. Of course, it was busy, but after only a 20 minute wait we were seated. We got a booth by the window with a great view. Dinner was delicious-Nathan ordered his very first lobster, which he was thrilled with! After dinner, the rain had stopped, but we decided to head to the hotel anyway. Nathan and Kayla wanted to get in the pool, and Peter wanted to make a quick trip to Walmart. I opted to take a shower and crawl in bed for the night! It was a fun day and we managed to get in most of the things we wanted to do. I had some ideas for the next day that I hoped the rest of the group would interested in..........maybe!?

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Destination Disney: Disney in Gold

 Destination Disney: GOLD

 I follow several Disney boards and I love finding out those little "inside" tips that add to the fun of exploring WDW, so I was anxious to find and ride Cinderella's horse during our last visit to the Magic Kingdom after reading that it was the horse with the gold ribbon on it's tail.

Cinderella's Horse

"There are conflicting stories regarding whether one of the horses on the carousel is "Cinderella's Horse". The horse in question is in the second rank of horses, and is the only one that has a golden bow on its tail.
Cast Members refer to this horse as one that belongs to Cinderella and it has been referred to as such in various Disney publications. Cinderella has been depicted as riding a horse in various pieces of collectible sculpture and artwork, such as a 2001 Limited Edition lithograph."

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

We Want To Know Wednesdays: sick day

1. If you are sick in bed how do you entertain yourself? TV, books, sleep? I am very, rarely sick in bed, but if I'm that sick, I'd probably want sleep....and maybe a little tv time.
sick day essentials.
2. Do you share your medical drama with the world or keep it to yourself?
Unfortunately, because I'm rarely sick, I'm a bit of a complainer when I am....sorry!
3. Do you pray, send healing thoughts & hugs or good vibes to friends when they are ill or sad?
Thinking of You
4. If someone offers to bring in dinner to you or your family, do you let them?
Mom has done this for us numerous times over the years!!! I still remember the meal she brought us when I came home from the hospital with Logan...and that was almost 24 years ago!!!
THANKS MOM-you are the BEST!!!!!!!!!!
taking dinner to a friend
5. If you could ask for any meal or treat when you were sick/sad/healing, what would it be?
If someone else is cooking it or bringing it to me, ANYTHING they bring is really, really, really appreciated!!!
Thank you thank you thank you

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

easy angel food cupcakes

A few weeks ago, I pinned a recipe for angel food cupcakes. These cupcakes have only two ingredients:
that's it.....just mix together one box of angel food cake mix with one 20 ounce can crushed pineapple-do not drain. Yesterday, I finally got around to trying them....
fill lined muffin cups about 2/3 full-bake @ 350 degrees for about 20 minutes or until lightly brown.
Makes 36 muffins.....approx 62 calories each and fat-free!
Crazy About My Baybah

Saturday, August 18, 2012

fun in the 1

Last weekend, Peter, Nathan, Kayla, & I went to MD for the night. We had an awesome time....a much needed getaway! We fit so much into 2 days, and I took a ton of pictures, so I decided to break this up into several posts instead of one long one.
The weather looked iffy, so we weren't sure if our plans for spending the day in Ocean City would work out, but we headed there anyway and hoped for the best. After making a quick stop for Nathan's eye exam, we were soon on our way. Once we hit the boardwalk.....first things first, I couldn't wait another minute for these................
sprinkled with vinegar & salt...yummmmm

Peter wanted to try the bbq pork sandwich from Boog's definitely lived up to it's reputation! :O)
Besides the food, another favorite thing at O.C.........
I've gone to O.C. pretty much every summer since I was a little girl and I still get excited when I first spot the roller coaster as we go over the bridge. I love family thinks I'm crazy, but you fellow roller coaster riders out there understand the thrill of riding don't you? Nathan will ride some things, but doesn't care for anything too "wild", Peter won't ride anything. I was happy to have a riding partner this time, Kayla loves rides as much as I do. We headed straight to the Tidal Wave......
:O) :O) :O) :O)
Nathan & Kayla rode a few without me.....

Thursday, August 16, 2012

something's fishy

Pop finally convinced Nathan that fishing is awesome......he caught his first speckled trout today and can't wait to get back out tomorrow....he's HOOKED! "O)
***Still checking items off that Summer Bucket List !!!

salt life

....nothing but the wind in my hair, the sun on my face, and the smell of salt in the air......what a perfect evening to be on the water! Peter, Nathan, & I went out on the boat earlier this week......just the three of phones, no tv, no computer, just us.....spending a beautiful evening together out on the water.

now that's a view!

classic Nathan....

it's a beautiful day!!!!!

{side note}
picture below: we passed this girl on her paddle board....looks so peaceful...I've noticed several posts/pictures about paddle boarding this summer-looks fun!!
...another bucket list item maybe!? :O)

{a day in onancock}

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