Thursday, April 20, 2017

{april day book}


{outside my window}

it's 75 degrees!!!!! :O) :O)

and I'm obsessed with all the blooms!!!!!

{current status}

feeling emotional.....

this time last year I had no idea what was ahead of us when I wrote these notes in my devotional.
Thank you Lord for your miracles and for blessing Logan and Lindsey with the most precious little girl!!


it's a yoga pants kind of day!!!

{in the kitchen}

I'm actually going out to eat....
Wanda and I have decided to meet once a month for dinner 
and some catching up (and boy do we both have LOTS of catching up to do!!!). 
Both of our families have so many BIG things going on right now!
:O) :O) :O)

{what's on tv}

Amazing Race is just 3 episodes far my fave is London & London, followed by Seth & Olive. Unfortunately, Seth and Olive got a U-Turn last week which caused them to be eliminated. There are 2 episodes coming on tonight! 

{favorite quote of the week}

~be a pineapple~

Be A Pineapple Stand Tall Hand-lettered Print, Pineapple Instant Download, Hand Lettering And Typography Print, Gallery Wall Poster

{from the board - Pinterest}


---and OMG why am I not more stressed than this???? 
The shower is next weekend and the wedding is ONE MONTH away!!!!!

Shabby & Chic Vintage Wedding Decor Ideas | Wedding Forward

{one of my favorite things}


the kitchen smells ah-mazing!!!!



4/04 -05 - visit Lindsey & Kamry and crew change (P) home!

4/08 - Whitney's Baby Shower
4/09 - spend the night with Lindsey & Kamry4/10 - wisdom teeth!! :O(
4/14- 4/17 -children home for Easter weekend
4/15 - Easter Egg Hunt
4/15 - Gender Reveal Party!!4/16 - Easter
4/17 - follow-up appt at doctor
4/18 - Kayla's Birthday // Logan (captain) 1 year 4/19 - crew change (P) boat
4/21-4/23 - visit L, L, & K
4/22 - Kamry's 1st Birthday!!
4/25 - hair appt. 
DECORATE ---> for K & N Wedding Shower on 4/29
<3 <3 <3

5/01 week---> CLEAN b&b for opening
5/03 - crew change Peter home!!! <3
5/05 - Prom // Cinco de Mayo
5/13 - March of Dimes WALK!!!!! <3
5/14 - Mother's Day
5/17 - hair & nails appt. // Logan & Lindsey 3rd Anniversary
5/19 - Rehearsal Dinner
5/20 - WEDDING ~~~~N & K <3 <3 <3
5/29 - Memorial Day

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

*dandelion wishes*

3 weeks!!!! 3 looonnnggggg weeks!!!! Peter had a 3-week tour last trip on the boat, since his company adjusts the calendar for the year [everyone who missed the holidays last year, gets them off this year...and this includes Peter and both boys!!!!] YAAAAA!!!!!! A 3-week tour also meant I hadn't seen my sweet girl in awhile!! So, on Tuesday 4/04, I went for an overnight visit with Lindsey and Kamry before Peter got home and as I always do, had the best time!

The weather was absolutely gorgeous!!! We just hung out at the house, enjoyed our time together, and.....

- took walks with Kamry and Allie

- washed windows & changed curtains

- talked & talked & talked about 1st birthday projects......the wedding......

- made homemade chicken pot pie [which Kamry LOVED! and even said "ta-ta" [thank-you] to Nana!]

- read books, played, sang, and Nana got at least 100 kisses!!

Kamry is a joy! She is the best natured, most fun baby ever. She enjoys everything and wants to be in the midst of it all. She is very active and is all over the place! She can crawl, pull up, and just started pushing up to standing (bent over) from a crawling position. She can say Da-Da...Pop-Pop....Ta-Ta....Peppa  (as in Peppa Pig) and mimics the syllables you are saying (like stinky-- ssss).   She is funny and loves to make you laugh. If we get busy talking, she will let out a big fake laugh or yell, just to get attention. What a sweet little personality!! She enjoys everything, even sitting in the yard with the sun in her eyes, squinting that little nose, blowing dandelion wishes. :O) :O)

Dandelion w/ sèeds, close your eyes and make a wish

Instead of blackboard, this would be nice with a canvas and real plants..make it mixed medium!

It&#39;s the Perspective that makes the Connection..                                                                                                                                                      More

60edb65df7ba88162ea7a5a74d3589d6.jpg 566×566 pixels

Some see Weeds Doodle Card | Zipadeedoodle

Monday, April 17, 2017

IT'S A BOY!!!!

Kayla was given a 3D sonogram a few weeks ago (@14 weeks) 
and they determined the GENDER REVEAL PARTY it is!!!! 

Hold him a little longer:
You are loved little one! Mom to be | pregnancy | baby on board | cute | parenthood | nursery plaque!

side note:
[I took photos, but just as I was about to post this, Alicia Thomas posted the pictures she had taken. Being a photographer is such a gift, while most people just snap pictures, she truly captures those special moments. So talented!]
source: Alicia Thomas
source: Alicia Thomas
source: Alicia Thomas
source: Alicia Thomas
Omg I love this! Would totally incorporate this in baby's room if I had a little boy. One day...:
and a few more pics......
I always knew I was meant to have boys...    I LOVE my baby boys!!  (thankfully we haven&#39;t experienced the worm in the pocket   thing YET...  I HATE worms!!)

Sunday, April 16, 2017

morning coffee chat catch-up

started the week off with NO coffee...and wisdom teeth surgery!! 

spent the night with Lindsey & Kamry after surgery
still couldn't have anything hot, so iced it is!!

hadn't eaten anything in 2 days (a world record for me) woke up starving!!!
AND...finally! COFFEE!! :O)

creamer of the week.....and back to my new fave coffee....

I like the Entenmann's breakfast blend, but I really love this Folger's Gourmet Morning Cafe'.

back to reality!!


H*a*P*p*Y   E*a*S*t*e*R

Thinking of Mom Mom Annie especially this weekend. She passed her love of holidays down to me along with many good memories and keepsakes, including this ceramic bunny that she gave me when I was a little girl. #happyeaster #grandmothers #family #keepsakes #vintage #candydish #jellybeans #love

Friday, April 7, 2017

{morning coffee chat}

hello APRIL! 

bunny bait

APRIL 2nd - World Autism Awareness Day!! #lightitupblue

Autism awareness:

I love these Fire Roasted Tomato & Olive Oil Triscuit Crackers - add some cheese and a granny smith apple...yum!!!


yaaaaa!!!! it's crew change dayyyy!!!! :O)

lovin' my new view for coffee chat today...

full calendar=full life

I know HE watches me....

Peter only wants Martins in his houses, but I enjoy watching the sparrows too! They are a constant reminder of God's love for me. God cares as much about the common, brown sparrow as he does the beautiful Purple Martin  - how awesome is that???