Monday, February 4, 2013

Menu Plan Monday Feb 04-10

I'm going to try a different approach to this. Instead of planning a meal for a specific day, I'm going to just plan out 6 meals. This way I can be more flexible on what we have for dinner, depending on how busy my day turns out to be! Since Nathan always has dinner with Mom & Dad on Sunday, and it's just Peter and I, I'm going to keep that day open and just fix whatever we're in the mood for. So for this week, the menu includes:
(1)Breakfast Casserole
(2)Roasted Chicken
(3)Beef Stroganoff
(4)Hot Dogs and Mac & Cheese
(6)Sweet & Sour Chicken w/ Rice
I'm starting on track today with a make-ahead breakfast casserole for dinner. I'm hoping to get lots of the painting done in the kitchen, so this will help free up a little more time-plus, who doesn't love breakfast for dinner? Our family rarely eats breakfast, so it's always a treat!!

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