Wednesday, February 20, 2013

30 Spaces/30 Days: drawers/cabinets

Delightful Order: Let's Get Organized in 2013

Still organizing in the kitchen:
Space 9 of 30: office supply drawer-holds stuff like pens, note paper, tape, stapler, chalk, scissors, etc. I know I should probably keep this stuff near my desk, but I use these things every day and I like having them handy. I have way too much stuff, especially pens, pencils, and markers.

I saw this idea on Pinterest for reusing the jars candles come in. I saved my last Yankee Candle jar w/ silver lid to store my chalk in.

Space 10 of 30: kitchen island (drawer and cabinet) I need to do a post with pictures of the island Dad did for me, but for now, here's how I organized it.

the drawer before:


I picked up another one of those mesh drawer organizers at Walmart-much better! This drawer holds my less-used kitchen utensils. The bottom cabinet of the island holds baking stuff like my baking stone, casserole dishes, cake pans, etc.

Space 11 of 30: Cards & Gift Wrap
I keep most of my cards in a photo box on a shelf in the laundry room. I make a lot of my cards as well, and I keep my card making supplies with my scrapbook stuff. Both spaces for cards are now organized.

I didn't get a picture of my gift wrap storage, as I keep that pretty neat. I store it in a zippered bag like this one (mine is bright pink)......

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