Friday, February 8, 2013

30 Spaces/30 Days: Kitchen Drawer

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I've been busy in the kitchen this week, not only painting but organizing! I marked several items off the list already, starting with the utensil drawer.

I bought this Mainstays Expandable Mesh Cutlery Tray from Walmart last week (should have picked up two as I need one for the island drawer as well). It was super CHEAP!....less than $7.

I love it! Much prettier than the blue plastic one I've been using.

Do you spot something that I should have gotten rid of years ago????

Yep, I'm still holding on to the boys medicine spoon! I have this problem of not being able to throw some things away. I moved most of the gadgets to the island drawer, and just kept this one for cutlery, knives, and most used utensils.

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Angie G. said...

I do like the wire one much better than the plastic one. Might be time to update our utensil organizer as well. I always end up with crumbs in ours (not sure how), but I bet with it being mesh that wouldn't happen as often.
Thanks for sharing!
Angie G.


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