Tuesday, February 12, 2013

30 Spaces/ 30 Days: more cabinets

Delightful Order: Let's Get Organized in 2013
Space 5 of 30: glasses/mugs/travel mugs
How many glasses does a family of three really need???? Not as many as I have crammed on these two shelves! Ridiculous!

I managed to weed out a few things, so it looks a little better now.

Space 6 of 30: Medicines
The top shelf of this cabinet holds medicines. We don't have a ton of medicine, mostly Peter's vitamins (he takes a whole handful every morning). On that shelf, I only keep a shoebox size plastic container that I store cold meds, etc. in, along with the vitamin bottles, and a big bottle of Tylenol. I only got a before picture, there wasn't much to do in this space, so it looks pretty much the same.

The only other place we keep meds are this little basket on the counter-

it holds Peter's daily pill holder, his fish oil pills, and my iron pills.

Space 7 of 30: Attic
I FINALLY put everthing "snowman" in the attic, along with several misc. items that have been hanging out in our bedroom since Christmas (yes, Christmas...I'm a procrastinator!) No pictures, but the attic looks awesome! It's been super organized since Peter put the floor down last January!

Space 8 of 30: Under kitchen sink/Countertop
This was an easy one as I've given the kitchen a pretty good cleaning while painting it. Again, no pictures.

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