Monday, August 31, 2015

military diet - day 1

So for obvious reasons, I feel the need to take a little break from food! I've been looking at The Military Diet for awhile now and thought it might be my best option for cutting back and hopefully, lose a few pounds. In any event, I'm hoping to start eating better, eat less, and the biggest thing for me, cut out back on Diet Coke.
Today was day 1 of the 3-day diet. After the three days, Peter will be home and we'll try to get on some sort of "new" eating plan since things haven't been normal at all lately as far as meals are concerned. Now that he'll be home all day during his 2 weeks off, we need to form a routine. We'd like to get back into eating a little breakfast and lunch, and then cook a normal dinner, but watch portions. Neither of us are big night eaters, so we'll just do a lite/healthy snack.
There is a substitution list for things you don't like HERE.
I'm listing the original military diet but will note my substitutions.
There is a suggested plan to follow for the remaining four days of the week HERE if you want to finish the week out. You can start again the following week with the 3-day plan, but I will probably wait to do it again when Peter leaves for work in 2 weeks.

Day 1 - 8/31/15


1/2 grapefruit
1 slice toast
2 T. peanut butter
coffee (or tea) w/caffiene

Kiwi (only 42 calories)
(I added this - it's an item on the substitution list)

I used to use regular sugar or splenda- this is such a great alternative.


1/2 cup tuna (I used canned albacore)
(I added a little mustard, old bay, & dill pickles = 0 calories)
1 slice toast
coffee or tea w/caffiene
(I had iced tea)
7 grapes
(not on the list but only 21 calories)


3 oz. lean meat
I did a hamburger patty (w/about 1T. steak sauce on top=15 calories)
1 cup green beans
1/2 banana
1 small apple


1 cup vanilla ice cream
(I cheated and got coconut flavored!)
:O) :O)

It's supposed to equal out to around 1200+ calories per day. I think I stuck pretty true to the plan. There is a big list of substitutions and non/low calorie things you can add to spice things up a little.

I was NOT hungry at all, and best of all NO Diet Coke! :O)

 Bring on Day 2!!


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