Friday, February 22, 2013

30 Spaces / 30 Days: Photos

Cornerstone Confessions: photo storage
Space 12 of 30: Organizing Photos

This was a HUGE job!! I have so many pictures, not as many in recent years since switching to a digital camera, but lots of pictures from my childhood and even more pictures of the boys through the years. I have a love/hate relationship with digital photos- I love the ease of editing and storing digital pictures, and the quality and cost of using digital, but I hate that I don't have as many of those pictures made into prints. Digital is awesome for blogging and sharing online, and I take so many more pictures now than I used to, but I have so many folders full of pictures that pretty much just stay there and don't get looked at as often. I do have prints made from our vacations, and special occasions, etc. for scrapbooking, but I miss having pictures to look through and frame.
I organized my photos a few years ago and this is what works for me: We have a corner armoire in our bedroom, the top part for the tv and the bottom for photos. It had gotten pretty cluttered, but is now organized once again.
bottom of cabinet before:

bottom of cabinet after:

Right now, it holds a few frames, a 2013 Disney photo album I need to fill with Senior Trip pictures (that I haven't had printed yet), small clear bin holds manuals to household items, larger clear bin holds keepsakes from vacations, etc. that I'll use for scrapbooking or just want to save. The four photo boxes hold photos (somewhat) sorted by category.

I keep all of my scrapbook albums in my craft room/office. I keep a few here.....

As I was looking through some of the boys pictures I saw this one of Nathan and remembered something I had seen on Pinterest- I had to share!
Doorway climb

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