Sunday, February 10, 2013

30 Spaces/ 30 Days: Kitchen Cabinets

Delightful Order: Let's Get Organized in 2013
Space 2 of 30: Cabinet: Dishes
More kitchen organizing- the cabinets. I keep switching things around in the kitchen (Peter and Nathan never know which cabinet to look in for a cereal bowl...LOL). Not really, but I have rearranged things again to (a.) put all like things together, (b.) make better use of cabinet space and (c.) have a better flow in the kitchen. So, once again, the cereal bowls are in a different cabinet...this time hopefully, to stay. I ordered a couple of cabinet organizers, and the plate stackers really made the dishes cabinet more organized.

top shelf: misc. items that didn't belong in with the dishes
middle shelf: bowls, small plates, serving dishes
bottom shelf: dinner plates (that were hard to get out because of the divider in this cabinet)

This is much better! I moved them to the end cabinet without the middle divider and added the plate stackers.

Space 3 of 30: Cabinet: Spices/ Baking Supplies/ Household items
I swapped this cabinet and the dishes cabinet and it works so much better.


top shelf: baking supplies
middle shelf: spices
bottom shelf: checkbook, wallet, cash/coins, savings jar, keys (in small crocks), tarts for Scentsy warmer, cards for current occasion, & the set of measuring cups I use daily.
I also keep my calendar and emergency #'s on the cabinet doors, as well as a few keepsakes from the boys.

Logan's classic note: "gone in the you!" and a note I got from Nathan a few years ago while I was at work, classic Nathan: "Mom, just in case I'me not home... I cleaned the whole house for ya so you don't have to do it.....P.S. Bub's room was too messy to clean, so I didn't." LOLOLOL :O)

Space 4 of 30: Food Storage
I have a big pantry cabinet, where I keep cereals, crackers, bread, etc., but I prefer this bottom cabinet for canned/ packaged food. It was a MESS!!!



Shanna Watson said...

Love the notes!

Liam Thomas said...

Really like the way you keep things organized, everyone should do that often, keeping your kitchen cabinets clean is necessary.

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