Thursday, February 28, 2013

leopard + stripes

I am not at all fashionable. I'm a plain jane. When shopping, I'm that person who buys what the mannequin is wearing (down to the accessories). I am not good at mixing & matching. I buy "classic" pieces. In other words, I'm very boring when it comes to fashion. Then, I discovered Pinterest, and started pinning outfits to my style board, and I actually wanted to wear outfits that were "out of the box" (well, for me anyway).
I had pinned a few outfits pairing a striped top with a leopard scarf:
source: Pinterest

source: Pinterest

Pinned Image
source: Pinterest for a wedding shower that I attended last week, I decided to pull out a few items that I had purchased recently. I just happened to have a leopard print scarf in my closet (my $3 deal from amazon). And, I had read that everyone needed a striped top in their wardrobe, so while shopping a few months ago, I found the perfect navy/white boatneck at JCPenney's ($16).

I wore this with jeans and a dark denim jacket. I had the perfect shoes....
LOVE!!! (a gift from Mom & Dad for Christmas)
they also gave me this necklace from etsy that I love!!
The outfit turned out great and I am anxious to wear more outfits from my Pinterest closet!

My real closet was a mess, and has gotten a major cleaning out and organizing this week.

Space 15 of 30: Our Bedroom Closet
I packed away some of my heavier winter clothing, pulled out a few things to donate, and better organized the space. I added two more bins to the shelves, which I really like. I may pick up a few more, so that everything matches. They were cheap (under $7 @ Lowes) and come in lots of colors.

I also added two more binder rings for hanging my scarves like I did my purses.

Space 16 of 30: Peter's Dresser
This was easy as I keep it pretty neat. Just pulled a few things, and straightened it up a bit.

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