Thursday, March 15, 2012

52 Weeks of Organizing: Craft/ Scrapbook Supplies

Week #6: Organizing craft/ scrapbook supplies

I'm really on a roll with this organizing thing. It may have a little to do with the fact that in 4 short weeks I'll be back to work....yikes!!!! so now I have a deadline to get it done. I'm cleaning a bit differently this Spring, and it seems to be working great. On Monday, I pick a designated room to work in the entire week. I may have a few hours to spare on some of the days, or may have only a few minutes on other days, either way, I spend some time in that room each day. I normally tear the entire house up as I try to clean a room. I am very poky, but thorough, so the house can look a wreck for weeks until the Spring cleaning is complete. Cleaning this way allows me to keep the rest of the house looking nice, and I'm able to fit in other life stuff as well, and the room I'm working in doesn't look like a bomb went off. This week I'm cleaning the craft room/office/den. Check out the posts I did last fall of the entire room re-do, it turned out great. I love this room! It is now my favorite place in the house!! I have kept it pretty clean and tidy through the winter months, but the dresser that holds my craft/scrapbook supplies had become a mess!!!!!!!!! With my supplies so unorganized, it has kept me from completing any scrapbook pages this winter {I know, I know...excuses, excuses!!}...Well, as of today, it has now been organized, so I guess I should get busy scrapping! Here is the dresser, pretty, yet functional:
Here are some before/after pictures:
 before: two of the smaller top drawers....junky! 

after: this one holds stickers-and they are filed according to category..awesome!

after: the drawer next to it holds ribbon, glue, binder rings, hole punch

before: the other two smaller top drawers before....again...messy!

after: this drawer holds my label maker {did I tell you how much I love my label maker?} and it also holds candles.
I'm sure I'll be buying lots of pillar candles for my seasonal mantels! The other small drawer is empty...for now!

before: this drawer was full of banner flags, stickers, notebooks, etc. I moved the flags to the storage cube in front of the sofa, and organized the rest of it.

after: the drawer now holds only seasonal items/stuff for craft projects. Notice the cute eggs I bought at Hobby'll see them soon!
before: a hodge-podge of stuff

after: scrapping supplies only

after: this drawer stayed the same, as did the one next to it: albums and totes only

after: this drawer now holds the glue gun, stapler, scissors, notebooks, binder supplies

before: my paper was a mess!

after: this drawer now holds scrap-pack paper, letters, borders, & embellishments
The dresser holds almost all of my craft/scrapbook supplies. I do keep my larger sheets of paper in the file binder shown below. I file by color and it makes finding the right paper for my pages much easier!
I keep the binder file in my newspaper basket along with a couple of my most recent 12x12 albums.
I often wonder why it takes me so long when it comes to getting organized. I love the feeling of knowing where everything is. I have so much catch up on, but at least now I can actually find things!!

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