Saturday, March 10, 2012

52 Photos/ Work

Week #9- WORK {our most recent fundraiser}

I'm a bit behind again this week, why is life so busy????? I had a little trouble coming up with a "work" photo as I am off from work until next month {ugh, next month, that sounds so close!}, but I've been off since October so I really shouldn't complain should I?
Since fundraising for Nathan's Senior Trip is taking up alot of my time these days, I decided to combine this post as my photo of the week, and show what our latest fundraiser was. We took orders for pizzas, and yesterday, we assembled and delived 130 pizzas {in 2 hours I might add!}. We were too busy to stop for pictures, but I did manage to get this one. Fundraising is hard 'WORK"....but what a great cause. They did really well on this pizza bake- a little closer to Disney!

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