Thursday, March 29, 2012

Destination Disney: 9 Favorite Characters

I'm linking up with Heidi again for Destination Disney. This week I get to tell you about my 9 FAVORITE CHARACTERS. Here they are {in no particular order}:
Minnie Mouse~ a favorite of mine! The first picture was taken in 2011. I spent a few solo hours in MK, and met up with Minnie by accident. The line was too long to wait get a picture with her, but she saw me trying to take a picture from a distance and turned and posed for me. How cute! The second Minnie picture was taken on our very first family trip in 2008. Nathan and I became obsessed with meet & greets!!! We got tons of character pictures and autographs that trip!

Mickey Mouse~ of course Mickey made the list! We have lots of Mickey photos, but my favorite is this one with Sorcerer Mickey- I finally met up with him during our trip in 2011.
T-I-G-G-E-R~ who doesn't love Tigger? The first picture was taken during dinner at Crystal Palace on the first night of our trip in 2011. The second picture with Tigger was taken in 2008 at AK. That particular Tigger was fun, fun, fun, fun!!!

Donald Duck~ One of Nathan's favorite characters. This picture was taken in Mexico {Epcot WS} in 2008.
Mary Poppins~ Funny story about MP....during our first family trip in 2008, we became obsessed with finding characters at all the parks. Nathan recognized most of them, but I guess, being a boy, he had no clue who MP was! He was a trooper though and humored me and got his picture taken with "a fancy lady". :O) I have always seen her in the white dress {like below}, but during our last trip in January, I ran into her in different costume {second photo} which I love! I would have waited in line for a photo, but time didn't allow.

Alice~ The funny story continues, and the look on Nathan's face pretty much tells the story!! It was so funny when Alice started talking to him in her tiny, soft voice....he looked at her then looked at me, and then smiled as they had their picture taken together. That is, I'm sure, the one and only picture I'll ever get with Nathan and Alice...LOL! The second picture was taken in 2010. You can tell by the outfit that it was a chilly day! I love that Rabbit was with her too.

REMY~ I posted about my love of France and our wonderful meal at Les Chefs de France in 2011. Peter knew nothing about Remy, and you should have seen the look on his face when I saw them bringing Remy out and I said, "OMG...there's the rat!!!":O) I should have explained before we got there, huh?
Stitch~ While Stitch isn't a personal favorite of mine, he will always be a special character to me. During our 2008 trip, we searched and searched for Stitch. He was the one character that Nathan had on his list to meet. It was his favorite character and he really wanted to get a picture with him. We had pretty much given up, when on the last day, we found him!!! It was an awesome interaction, and I just love this picture!! :O)
Finally, my favorite(s)......who I have yet to meet...the Seven Dwarfs~ we did get to meet Dopey {and Snow White} during our trip in 2008 and we saw them in the Spectomagic Parade, but I really, really want to meet all 7 and get a picture with them! I know that they are at MNSSHP, but we never go to WDW in the fall. I'm not sure if there are other times of the year when they are available for pictures??? Maybe someday we'll go in the fall, as I'm sure the decorations are gorgeous, and I would love to go to the Halloween Party!

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There you have it, my 9 choices of favorite characters! Hope you'll hop on over to Heidi's blog and join the fun!


Heidi said...

What a fun list! I had a blast looking at all your pictures. On our first trip as a family (back in 1999) we met all 7 of the Dwarves (and Snow White) at the exit of the Judge's Tent in Toontown Fair. In hindsight, I wish we'd have gotten a group shot (because we've never encountered all 7 of them together again); but we do have individual pictures of Ashley with each of them (and autographs).

That same trip, as we were exiting the Magic Kingdom in the evening, we encountered TONS of characters, including Mary Poppins in her coat. That's the only time we've seen that particular outfit also. But, there were NO lines so we met them all!

Elyse Rinehart said...

Remy! I love Remy. I love food, so we share a interest. Also, great picture of Donald in Mexico. I have a stuffed version of that.

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