Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Hoo Are You???? 3/20 Spring Edition

1. What do you look forward the most about springtime?

The warm weather and seeing everything in bloom!
2. Do you have anyone in your immediate family that you
celebrate their birthday in the spring?

It is my birthday today-March 20th!!!!! :O) And my sister's b-day was on the 14th!
3. What is the weather like where you live in the springtime?
It has been beautiful here in VA....sunny days, high temps...I just love Spring!
4. Do you do spring cleaning?
I do, but this year I'm cleaning a bit differently, focusing more on organizing.
5. What activities do you do in the spring?
My favorite activity is working in the yard. We also had some fun enjoying the warm Spring weather last weekend...check out this post from a few days ago.


Shanna Watson said...


beagleAnnie said...

Happy Birthday to you!!
Looks good to know you're enjoying spring days.

Susan said...

Thanks for the birthday wishes! :O)It was a good day!!!

Christi said...

Happy late birthday to you. I to love working in the yard. As soon as the weather get I am outside. Illinois weather is a little iffy at times, so far the last few weeks have been beautiful and in the 80's.

Susan said...

Christi- Thanks for your comment and for checking out my blog! I'm now following yours and I look forward to reading it. I see you live in IL...our home is full of Chicago Bear fans!!!:O)

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