Sunday, March 31, 2013

Easter 2013

then came the morning........

  The service and the sunrise were beautiful! It was chilly, but a gorgeous morning!
Breakfast followed.......

I don't normally get up at 5 a.m......but for today I make the exception! :O)

I bought the left-over breakfast home to my sleepy-head family. They are really missing out by not coming! We got ready for church. I bought nothing new to wear this year, but at least my nails were pretty.....

Nathan hadn't tried on his new clothes until this morning. Um.....they didn't fit!!! He has really "filled out" this winter. :O) So, he pulled out the outfit he wore in his senior pictures, and wore his new favorite jacket. Fashionistas we were not!! I didn't bother getting a family picture after church, besides, it was pouring! I took this one earlier this week.....

Go O's!!!

Church was awesome: the choir opened with a favorite of mine "Then Came The Morning", then the conclusion to Thursday's program, then the choir performed a wonderful cantata.
"He's Alive!!!!"

The rest of this rainy Sunday has been spent eating, and napping, and more eating!!
Nathan's "little" snack.....oh my!

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