Saturday, March 2, 2013

30 Spaces/ 30 Days: shelves, closets, & more

The list is getting smaller.....
Space 17 of 30: Laundry room shelves: Everything has found a place.....

top shelf: bins hold (1) iron/ light bulbs (2) batteries (3) extra rolls toilet paper, then 2 photo boxes, one for cards and the other for stencils, paints, & brushes, and the little basket on the end is for Peter's misc. stuff

I saw this idea on, where else, Pinterest: use a handle gripper to hold iron cord. There were easy tutorials on how to make them, but I re-used this one that I had on a Longaberger basket.
 bottom shelf: Jaxson's food, birdseed, laundry supplies, bin for cat stuff & a few tools like screwdrivers, tape measure, and the last basket holds Swiffer pads & cleaner.

Peter hung some hooks for the Swiffer vacuum & Wet Jet, so they are easy to keep charged up.
Space 18 of 30: Den Closet
No pictures, but this closet holds Peter's coats, and all of his shoes and my everyday shoes (on a shoe rack on the door).

Space 19 of 30: Junk Drawer (Kitchen)
This space was embarassing......

why do I need a "junk" drawer anyway????

that is MUCH better. Now it only holds: bank bag, old calendars/planners (I keep a few years before tossing), a few Mason jars, and my Coke points. (I know I have 2 gallon bags full of them, but I've been slacking on registering them's on the to-do list!!!)

Space 20 of 30: Magazines/Catalogs
Again, no pictures, because there is nothing to take pictures of!!! I threw all of my winter catalogs away, and took all the old magazine issues over to the b&b. Right now, I don't have any magazine subscriptions, but Peter and Nathan get Sports Illustrated  and our Time magazine goes straight to Dad. I miss getting magazines in the mail, but they just seem to pile up, so for now, I'll stick to looking/reading online.

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