Thursday, March 14, 2013

good things thursday

*I am so excited about the little remodel project going on at the b&b. The house is over 100 years old, so over the years it has had all kinds of repairs and re-dos. The back part of the house (room #2 and my store room) was in need of major repair. Last year, I relocated the store room to the laundry building behind the b&b. I love having it there! Making the repairs to room #2 was going to be extensive, so I came up with a better idea. Tear down the back part of the house, and move room #2 into the huge hallway in the main part of the house, which was wasted space. We are also reconfiguring a few things, so that both downstairs rooms have en-suite bathrooms. The project is underway......

view from front door- the room all the way back is where room #2 was. Room #1 is the door to the left.

This is where room #2 will be now (bath to right, small connecting room to left)
There will be a window where the doorway in back is.
This is the view from the back looking to the front. A new entrance door to room #2 will be
made where the beds are propped.
The doorway to this little side room will be opened up. It is tiny,
but will hold a day bed for an extra sleeping space.

An old heater was taken out, and I really wanted to keep the chimney exposed and paint it white,
but it had to be covered.

I'll post pictures as work progresses....
*Signs of spring:
Not sure what these are, since I haven't had tulips in a few years.
* I'm finally recooperating from last weekend! Between being at the gym til the wee hours Saturday night and not getting to bed until 4 a.m., and then the time change, I have had a sleep deficit all week!! Even though Nathan's team lost, and the teams he coached lost, we still had a great weekend!

*The three of us are still doing the 52 Week Money Challenge, and as of this week, we have $200 in our jar! :O)

*Finally going away with Mom and Julie tomorrow!! We haven't planned it out too much, but we do know shopping will be involved. It was Julie's birthday today, and mine next Weds., so we will celebrating them together this year. I got several emails with birthday coupons that I hope to use, as well as other coupons I've been saving....

*We also want to stop by Goodwill to see if we can find any hidden goodies. Peter won't go to Goodwill or any thrift store for that matter with me. He actually steps on the gas, changes the subject, and turns his head in the opposite direction when I point out a thrift store. So, going to Goodwill is on top of my to-do list this trip!! :O)

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