Thursday, March 7, 2013

Good Things Thursday

I don't think I've ever blogged this early before, or am I rarely even awake, but Peter wanted to call Logan this morning to see if his flight was on schedule.
**Crew change was yesterday, and due to the storm, his flight from Houston was cancelled, so he rebooked for this morning at 5:00. Hopefully, he'll be in MD by lunchtime. He is anxious to get back (for 3 weeks) to enjoy his new home, and time with Lindsey.
**Speaking of the storm, what a nasty day it was yesterday!! I'm sooooooo thankful for our warm, safe home, especially on days like that. It was very windy, rainy, sleety, snowy (thankfully only flurries), and also high tides. Peter had the day off from work, and Nathan didn't have to go out anymore once he got home from school, since b-ball practice and youth were cancelled.
**Nathan is very excited about the basketball marathon this weekend. He LOVES basketball(and pretty much any other sport as well). He is coaching this year too, an elem. girls team, and elem. boys team. Should be a fun weekend!!!
**I hope to wrap up the last few things today on the 30 Spaces/30 Days of Organizing list. Once I'm finished with the organizing, I have a good idea for getting the house cleaned, which I'll post about soon!
**Chalkboard markers turned out to be a "not-so-good" thing......

I had to paint over my February message, because it would not wash off!! While I love how the markers write, it is just way too much trouble to have to paint it every month when I want to change it. Back to regular chalk for me!
**It looks like our Mom/Daughter get-away is on for next Friday!!! I am soooo excited!!! Julie's birthday is March 14, and mine is the 20th, so it will be a little birthday celebration as well. We have some fun stuff planned!
**The Grout-Renew project is coming along-slow, but sure! It is a little time consuming, but I am loving how it is looking. Now that I'm almost finished with the organizing, I can get serious about finishing up the floor.

**The sun is trying to peep out this morning, and the birds have returned to the backyard looking for food- a pretty sight after such a dreary, nasty day!

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