Sunday, March 17, 2013

a little girl time.....

A few years ago, Mom, Julie, and I started taking an annual girls-only-get-away. One year, I gave Mom a gift certificate to a b&b, then another year, we stayed at a rental house in Chincoteague, and last year, we went the day after Thanksgiving and did the whole Black Friday shopping thing. This year we finally found a date that worked for all three of us, and took our trip on Friday. We all agreed that this is the perfect time of year to go, since we didn't have to worry about shopping for Christmas, and both mine and Julie's birthdays are in March.
We met Julie in MD on Friday morning, and first things first, stopped by to see Logan and Lindsey and the new house. We didn't stay long, but it's always nice to visit with them, even if only for a little while.

We headed to Salisbury, and talked about where we should get lunch. Julie had never eaten at we had to remedy that right away!

I had never had the Napa Almond Chicken Salad, but have found a new go with my usual broccoli cheese soup.
Julie wanted to check out Uptown Cheapskate next to see if they had the Vera purse she was looking to spend her birthday money on. They didn't have it, but Mom found this D & B beauty....

I found a few Hollister things for Nathan, but didn't find anything for me this time. I will definitely return though, as they had some awesome stuff. The cashier encouraged me to bring in some things to sell there, she said they especially need men's clothes. I think maybe I'll give it a try soon.
Next stop....Staples! Love, Love, Love the Martha Stewart organizing section!!

I was in label heaven and bought several things home....

Julie was in dire need of some iced coffee, and I was needing a little something sweet, so next stop....

We split a cheesecake brownie- and it was YUMMY!
Next stop, my much anticipated trip to....

I was a little disappointed, no, actually I was alot disappointed. I was expecting to find some "good" stuff, but all I ended up bringing home was...

My favorite find was a small yellow ceramic loaf pan. I really needed a small loaf pan and I love that it is yellow! I found a "crackle" finish candle holder that will look good on my mantel, and the other thing I picked up was a wooden sign that I plan to re-do. I want to replace our house number sign with a more updated looking sign. This might work, once I repaint it and get some vinyl lettering from etsy. We'll see.
Then we stopped by another thrift store with hopes of finding some hidden gems...........................womp, was even more pitiful there! Next, we stopped in a used furniture store, just to look around, since we really didn't have room to put anything in the car. This was a great store, but I really loved their yellow door....

Next, we did some real shopping at the mall, then decided it was time for dinner.
We were all three in the mood for Red Lobster, and enjoyed a yummy dinner. I had told the waiter that it was Julie's birthday, and just as they were about to come out and sing to her, she realized that she had left her keys in the car while switching purses before coming into the restaurant!

Her look says...OMG, they are singing to me, OMG, I've locked my keys in the car...OMG!
BTW....I love her new purse!
Fortunately, Mom has AAA, and we only had to wait an hour.

"Are you AAA ?????" LOL Mom!

Not a good sight! But, it only took the mechanic a few minutes to retrieve them for us!
Once that ordeal was over, we felt a stop in Target was just what we needed to put our trip back on track....and it did!
We decided to call it a day after that and checked-in our hotel. Julie is like that Energizer bunny commercial, she keeps going, and going, then just conks out. Mom and I stayed up a little while longer and talked. I also had a little snack.........

I soooooooooooooo need to start a diet!!!! I plan to...after Easter maybe???
Julie was the first one up (of course), but Mom and I soon followed.

One last picture to remember this year's trip..................

We did a little shopping at Dollar Express and Hobby Lobby before heading back home. I picked up lots of organizing containers at DE, and at HL I bought the Bon Appetit sign I've been wanting and this cute little yellow metal bird (both 50% off!!).

What a fun time! Thankful for this time to spend with my Mom and sister, and already looking forward to next year's get-away!! xoxo

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