Friday, March 22, 2013

30 Spaces / 30 Days: Spring Cleaning

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It does not feel like Spring at all. It is so cold! We even got snow flurries yesterday! But I'm still pushing myself along with the cleaning, because soon {like less than a month soon}, I'll be heading back to work!
Peter and Nathan went to Baltimore today, and decided not to rush home, so they are spending the night with Logan and Lindsey. While I wouldn't have minded visiting too, I must admit, I have enjoyed my day here alone. I'm never alone.....never. LOL I know they are having a good time, so I'm not feeling guilty about enjoying a little quiet time all by myself. I didn't have to cook today, instead, I got take-out from the spaghetti fundraiser at church. It was so good!! I hadn't planned on doing anything constructive today, but of course, I ended up pulling out the list to see what chores I could scratch off! I unpacked the dishwasher and decided it was a good time to clean it, since I wouldn't be dirtying too many dishes today.

Space 9 of 30: Clean Dishwasher

I looked online for a DIY cleaner for the dishwasher and decided on this one:

3 cups white vinegar
1 T. baking soda
squirt of dishwashing liquid

Mix together and scrub dishwasher with brush or scrubber pad.

Put remaining cleaner in a dishwasher safe bowl on top rack and run dishwasher.

The dishwasher is now spotless! :O)

Space 10 of 30: Clean Lamp Shades/Light Fixtures (all)

I checked this off the list today. I just wiped down all the shades/fixtures with a damp cloth. Lamp shades get so dusty!

Space 11 of 30: Wipe down walls/baseboards (our bedroom)

I did this yesterday.....nothing exciting here.

Space 12 of 30: Wipe down walls/baseboards (Nathan's room)

I did this today, along with

Space 13 of 30: Floor (Nathan's room)

I took the area rug up and gave it a good shake outside, then scrubbed the floor (he has tile).
I wasn't fond of his choice when we were picking out a rug for his room, but it is so him, and over time, it has grown on me...a little! :O)

Okay, for the rest of the day I am doing nothing....well, except maybe a little blogging and I might watch some tv (after all, I finally have full control of the remote!)  :O)

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Anita said...

I tracked you here from SWD, and have enjoyed reading other of your March posts. I intend to try the dishwasher cleaner (I just bought a commercial one a week or so ago but haven't used it yet).
Am I right that your birthday was March 20? So was mine!
Happy Birth Month!

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