Sunday, March 3, 2013

The Simple Woman's Daybook: March Edition

Outside my was cold today (in high 30's) and windy! Winter is definitely not over yet!

I am thinking...I'm starting to think about work, although I am really not quite ready to go back yet. I have about a month and a half left of staying home, and while I enjoy my job, I really get used to being home all the time. Somehow, I'm always ready to get back into things at the b&b when the time comes, I just don't feel quite ready yet.

I am thankful...that Lindsey heard from Logan today and hopefully, he'll be back in cell range soon and we'll get to talk with him tomorrow.

In the kitchen...Nathan having a late night snack.

I am wearing...what else, jeans & a tee.

I am organized space at a time!!! I have accomplished so much over the past month, and I have almost gone through the entire list: 30 Spaces/ 30 Days. I worked on the receipts/filing for an hour or so again today, and hopefully, I'll finish up tomorrow. I think this is my favorite organizing project yet!

I am finally do something with this hair color of mine. It has gotten so dark, and the gray is creeping strand at a time! I have an appointment on the 11th for hilites. YAAA!!

I am looking forward to...going away for a night with my mom & sister! We try to make it an annual thing. We were set to go this coming Saturday, but the basketball marathon was moved up to that date, so we've rescheduled for Friday the 15th. Can't wait!!!

Around the house...

No, it's not a crime scene! It's wax! :O(

I was trying to find the perfect spot for this wreath I made and I thought it would look good in the kitchen. I took down a picture and hung it up by the ribbon, and stepped away to see how it looked. Yep, it fell off the nail and landed on the Scentsy warmer plugged in below.....UGH!!!!!!!
So, not only did I waste time cleaning a big mess, but I ruined my favorite new slippers!

I am pondering...if being clumsy is another sign of old age for me? The same morning I made this mess, I dropped my banana after peeling it and spilled my milk leaning down to pick it up! I have always been pretty coordinated, but I seem to be doing stuff like this all the time now. ;O)

A favorite quote for today...
I am not lucky, I am blessed.

One of my favorite label maker! And I've put it to good use the past few weeks.
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A few plans for the rest of the week: the normal house stuff, cooking, cleaning, organizing, and Friday and Saturday, Nathan is playing in the basketball marathon.

A peek into my day...


Jerralea said...

Love the quote - so true!

Don't feel alone - I'm clumsy, too. I always seem to be doing something that I have to clean up ...

Anita said...

Does it sometimes seem to you that you're living in a panel of a cartoon strip? That happens to me....

Lady in the Making said...

Thanks for sharing! :)

Susanne said...

Popping in from the linky at SWDaybook. I bought hubby a label maker for Christmas a few years ago and I'm the one ending up using all the time. Best gift I ever got me, I mean, him. ;v)

My son is out of cell range for his job right now too. Makes me crazy not getting a hold of my kids.

Tamanna Tiwari Khan said...

i can relate to what you are thinking :)