Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Menu Plan Catch-Up

Catching up with my menu planning................
Last week's menu: Feb 25-Mar 03
(1) Mon 2/25- Vegetable Crab Soup w/biscuits
(2) Tues 2/26- Hamburger Steak w/ Gravy, mashed potatoes, & kale
(3) Weds 2/27- Still didn't make the Lasagna, we had Oyster Pie instead.

(4) Thurs 2/28- Pizza & Salad
(5) Fri Mar 01- Pizza Burgers & Homemade French Fries
(6) Sat Mar 02- Tomato, Basil, And Garlic Pork Chops on the grill, noodles, & roasted brussels sprouts (Nathan ate with Kayla's family)
(7) Sun Mar 03- Fried Clams and mac & cheese (Nathan ate with Gran/Pop as always)

This week: Mon March 04- Sun March 10
(1) Mon Mar 04- Chili and Corn Bread (Peter wanted Chili and I remembered I had a big bag of it in the freezer from last time! There was plenty for Nathan and Peter, I had pizza). A no-cook day!! :O)

(2) Tues Mar 05- BBQ Wings & fries
(3) Weds Mar 06- Mom, Liz, & I took dinner to a friend who is having treatments. Mom made a big pot of Brunswick Stew, so there was plenty for our dinner as well. I made extra rolls, which we had with the stew.
(4) Soft Crabs, deviled eggs, and potato salad
(5) Lasagna, Pea Salad, Garlic (I just might finally make this!!)
(6) Roast
(7) ???

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