Thursday, March 7, 2013

30 Spaces/ 30 Days: Craft/Scrapbook/Desk

Delightful Order: Let's Get Organized in 2013
Well, as of today, one day short of my goal, I have completed my 30 Spaces/ 30 Days Challenge! I know it sounds silly, but I'm very proud of myself for sticking to the list and getting the house so organized this past month. I am never able to put this much time into organizing once work starts, so it was nice to just take my time and really sort through all the "stuff" that has pretty much taken over our house. I threw away lots of stuff, and the things I kept now have a place where it can be easily found when I need it. I mostly reused and rearranged storage bins and containers that I already had, but I wouldn't mind switching out a few of those as I find new (prettier) ones to take their place. But for now, I'm very satisfied with how things turned out.
Here are the last five spaces on the list......

Space 26 of 30: Freezers/ Fridge Inventory
I went through both freezers and made a list of what we have on hand. I also cleaned out the fridge, and made a list of what we had, and added items we are low/out of to the grocery list.

Space 27 of 30: Bathroom Vanity Cabinet/Bathroom Shelves
I keep this pretty neat, but did find a few bottles of bubble bath from Christmas that I didn't remember I had! :O)

Space 28 of 30: Craft Supplies
I have a basket for ribbons/wreath supplies:

and a basket for misc. craft supplies:

The rest of my less-used craft stuff is kept handy in a bin in the attic.

Space 29 of 30: Scrapbook Supplies
I have wayyyyyyy too much scrapbook stuff and since I moved everything out of the dresser and put it in baskets, everything has been very unorganized! I am so behind on scrapbooking, it's something I love to do, but seem to have trouble making time for. As I was sorting through all of my stuff, I got excited about starting up again....soon!!
Here's how I now store my scrapbook supplies:

Two blue magazine holders (from the $1 section @ Target): one holds small scrapbooks and the other holds punch-out letters.

This baskets holds scissors, cutters, & punches.

The large picnic basket next to the cabinet holds stickers, die-cuts, borders, small paper, and other misc. stuff for scrapping.


Larger 12x12 sheets of paper are stored in this:

which is kept in this large basket with the rest of my scrapbook albums.

Space 30 of 30: Desk/Email/Coke Points
I spend a lot of time at my desk, and it can get a bit cluttered. I try not to keep too much in my desk, just the things I really need.

(The desk really needs painting!!'s on the to-do list!)

This drawer holds extra ink, extra mouse, a notebook, and my handy, dandy binder!

I use it every day. It holds usernames/passwords/etc. and it is very handy. I highly recommend making one (super easy to make!).
Mine is just paper scraps that I hole punched and put a binder ring through. I just write the website/user name/password on each piece of paper and file alphabetically.

The other drawer holds Nathan's Senior pictures, a few cords, and my old camera.

Our desk top computer is being a big pain these days and won't always cooperate, so sometimes I have to use two computers, just to do simple things!

I don't want to get rid of our desk top....I love it! BUT.....I need to make a decision soon on what to do about this silly computer....I'm thinking maybe a new tower?????
Next, email.....I must confess my inbox can have hundreds of emails in it at any given time. I do not like a cluttered inbox, but can be lazy about weeding through all that mail.
As of this morning..............

Empty!...........and filed! :O)

Last but not least, Coke Points....

I still have 2 big ziploc bags full, but I intend to register them soon..........I promise!!!

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