Tuesday, January 13, 2015

weekend catch-up

 Logan and Lindsey invited us to come visit for the weekend, so of course, we headed to Maryland! We had planned to go on Sunday, but bumped things up to Saturday evening. Logan was hunting and they had dinner plans with friends that night, but we had some errands to run in Salisbury and had dinner at Texas Roadhouse.

We spent the rest of the night with this sweetie!

Puppy sitting and watching football!

She slept for several hours, and we were beginning to think that Logan and Lindsey were telling tales on her.....and then she woke up & was FULL of energy! Oh my...she's a handful!
Quiet night...over! :O)
We let them sleep and got up with her on Sunday morning.

what a gorgeous morning!

A lazy Sunday....we took a walk, then more football watching and I cooked dinner.

she might just be a little spoiled!?

They invited John and Courtney over again for a repeat goose dinner.
Lindsey made her mac & cheese (mainly for Courtney who isn't the biggest goose fan).

Peter and Logan had big plans for Monday, but the rain kept them from doing most of their outdoor projects. Peter had the oil changed in the SUV, and decided to test drive a few cars he's been looking at. This one is on the top of his list!!

We were sad to leave! It was so good spending time with Logan and Lindsey, and now our new favorite girl- Allie! I have never been a dog person, but she is the sweetest thing ever! I am sure I am going to act ridiculous when that first grandchild comes, according to how I feel about a puppy! LOL
Who would have thought??

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