Sunday, January 18, 2015

The Happiness Project: January (pt. 5) & recap

The Happiness Project

January 2015 : Boost Energy
-Act More Energetic-
"We presume that we act because of the way we feel, in fact we often feel the way we act."
In the book, Gretchen suggested a "fake it till you feel it" strategy. When she felt draggy, she would act with more energy, sped up her walk, paced while she talked on the phone...give yourself an energy boost by acting like you have more energy.

I've been walking (almost) every evening with Peter. Am I excited to get my shoes and coat on and head out in the cold? NO....but, I will say that once I get going, I actually love it and really do have more energy!

*Marianne (mother of 8) from the Abundant Life blog recommends these 10 simple changes for more energy.
 how to have more energy (simple steps and reminders looking into next year)
 10 Simple Lifestyle Changes for More Energy

(1) get up before the kids (or anyone else!)
(2) go to bed earlier
(3) exercise- even a little bit!
(4) drink more water
(5) moderate caffeine
(6) limit refined carbs
(7) stop rushing
(8) get outside
(9) pray often
(10) practice giving thanks

Gretchen touched on many of these tips, but I like Marianne's suggestions too!

So to recap January- how did I do?

(1) go to sleep earlier

that's a negative!

This is a biggie for me....I am a night owl...habits are hard to break.
I do, however, try to be in bed by midnight and I get up at 7:00, so I'm on the borderline of getting the recommended 7-8 hours. If I could just push bedtime up a little, I think that might make the difference. I do love sleep, but I love staying up late more!

(2) exercise better

I am doing awesome (so far) in this area. Peter and I walk most every evening after dinner.
This week I walked 5 out of 7 days!
I dread it, but am happy when I finish my walk. It really does make me feel better!

(3) toss, restore, organize

Doing great in this area too!
Purged my closet last week! This made me feel so much better!!!
Mom wants to get back in my attic this week, so I am definitely on the right track!
I am forever organizing- it just seems to be a never ending progress.

(4) tackle a nagging task

this is a hard one for a procrastinator like me. My kitchen chairs are driving me crazy....I promise myself I will finish painting them before the months out....I promise!!
Stay tuned for pictures!

(5) act more energetic

this is easy...I am a hyper person!
I do know that when I've pushed myself to walk, I feel better, even on the laziest of days!


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