Thursday, January 29, 2015

feeling very Jane Austen-y


 movie night with friends.....

Obsessed with Pride and Prejudice, a woman travels to a Jane Austen theme park in search for her perfect gentleman.- Austenland

I would never have chosen Austenland, but so glad we watched it. It is so funny!!!

"Austenland" -This hysterical romp through the world of Austen lovers takes our heroine, Jane Hayes, to England where she gets to enter the world of Austen re-enactment, dressing in Empire-waist gowns, dancing by candlelight and falling—in a stumbling, staggering, lose-your-fan-and-sash kind of way—in love with a certain tall, dark Mr. Almost Darcy.
I don't think I have never read anything by Jane Austen (I know-gasp!), and I haven't even seen Pride & Prejudice, so I wasn't sure I'd like this movie, but I loved it!!

Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen- I've read this book at least 10 times and I fall in love with it even more each time.I love this book even more than "Pride and Prejudice."  The relationship between the sisters is so interesting.

Austenland is a modern day spoof-type movie, but it made me want to read something by Austen, or at least watch the movies....I plan to take care of that soon!
AAAH! I love this part!! Especially the look Darcy gives Georgiana when she tells Lizzie that he says she plays well it's like "Georgiana, shut up she wasn't supposed to know that!!" :D

Who is this Mr. Darcy everyone is talking about? :O)


A snow day!

 ...and in lieu of our morning phone call, Mom and I had tea!

I'm not the big tea fan that Mom is, but I woke up yesterday with tea on my mind! I gave Mom a big gift basket of tea stuff for Christmas, including a canister of loose tea that I had never tried before. I am officially hooked! It was soooo good! I really like my special time with Mom! (Dad was there too, but I don't think he was into the china tea cup stuff like really don't appreciate the whole ambiance concept at all). ;o)

I have been wanting to try scones and found several recipes on Pinterest that look yummy!
Raspberry Almond Scone Recipe - Perfect for breakfast or brunch !
Raspberry Almond Scones

Recipe for Glazed Orange Scones - made these and they are delicious and quite similar to the ones in Panera
Glazed Orange Scones

Devonshire Cream Scones for an Authentic Cream Tea
Devonshire Cream Scones for an Authentic Cream Tea

Then, I got sidetracked and pinned lots of tea related stuff....
Alice in Wonderland Tea Pot
the cutest "Alice In Wnderland" tea pot!

P!NK Tea Cup
a pink & gold tea cup <3

and this one!



Custom Art print Wall Art Digital Art by ArtPrintChicBoutique

Guess who's having tea instead of Diet Coke this morning?


Even though I had heard rave reviews about Downton Abbey, it just didn't interest me. I've watched the occasional period piece, but it was never my first choice. I was looking for a series to watch this winter, so I went with DA. I borrowed the first few seasons from Wanda and started it last night. Guess who sat up wayyyyy too late last night finishing the entire first season?????


Why did I wait so long to watch????

Think of all the good things we miss out on when we won't try something new.

Wanda and I talk every January about getting together more during the year, and trying more, new, fun things! Of course, watching a movie isn't anything new, and neither is having tea or watching the seasons of a tv show, but all three of these were things I wouldn't normally choose. It made me realize how much I miss out on because I don't want to try new things. I almost always choose what is comfortable- it's time to step out of the box! :O)
Don't be discouraged or fearful...step out on faith and make your dreams come true.   Join my team and I will show you how it's done

While browsing through the tea related stuff on Pinterest, I came across something that might be our next fun get together!! :O) (And I know the perfect hostess!)

Love Downton Abbey? @worldmarket has everything you need to throw a party with style!  Stop by to get free Downton Abbey printables and games, too!

christmas tree ornament?

I'm looking forward to trying lots of new things in 2015!! Just think of all we miss out on if we don't!

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