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The Happiness Project: January (pt. 3)

The Happiness Project

January 2015 : Boost Energy

 Organize it!
This is one of my favorite topics! I am forever trying to be more organized, but seriously still need to get rid of more clutter.
"In a sign that people are finding there possessions truly unmanageable, the number of storage units nationwide practically double in one decade."
 Call for more details and pricing.
Studies suggest that eliminating clutter could cut down the amount of housework by 40%.
looks like a good plan.....
Tackle visible clutter first.
 laundry storage (4 generations)
It's amazing how much clutter you can accumulate without realizing it.
Make a list, do a little bit each day, and stay calm!
 perfect daily organizer
Little by little you will see a difference!
There are many types of clutter:
(1) nostalgic clutter-
I have a big problem with letting go of the
boys things from their early years.
I am still working on this and have a long way to go!
(2) conversation clutter -
things I've kept because they are useful-
even though they are useless to me (like 5 flower shop vases)!
I am getting better at getting rid of stuff like that (at least some of it).
(3) bargain/freebie clutter -
this is a biggie for me! Buying stuff because it's on clearance,
or better yet, taking something free from someone, thinking you might use it and don't!
Then it goes in the attic.....yep, that's me!
(4) crutch clutter -
things you use, but know you shouldn't.
Worn slippers, old t-shirts I just can't part with....let it go!!!
 My wife doesn't have the answer
(5) aspirational clutter -
that kitchen gadget you used one time,
or how about all of those scrapbook supplies I have (that STILL need to be organized!)?
 .Too true! You can never have enough craft supplies, or knitting or crochet yarn!
(6) buyer's remorse clutter -
rather than admit it was a bad purchase....
you store it in the attic or better yet, your closet!!
A great place to start decluttering: your closet!
- take everything out
To begin cleaning out a messy closet take every single thing out of it. | 17 Invaluable Tips For Anyone With Too Many Clothes 
- trash bags/bins/or boxes to toss/donate/throw away
2014 Throw Out 100 Things Challenge: Eliminate clutter, be more aware of the items you own, and appreciate what you have 
- only put back things you will realistically wear
- make sure the items that return to your closet
*don't need repair
*you will actually wear
Words to love by- of rather have 2 pairs of loubies than a thousand pairs of shitty shoes
- once you've finished the closet, go back through it again.
Instead of feeling drained- you will feel exhilarated!
A clean, organized closet always makes me happy!
After you finish the closet, tackle the dressers. The same purging steps apply.
Continue with your spouse's and your kid's closets/drawers as well.

Wow! If you have ever wanted to pare down your wardrobe this is an EXCELLENT post on how to do it!

I am very serious about scaling back in this area. Every season, I pull out tons of clothes from the attic, but hardly wear any of it. I have my favorite pieces that I wear over and over, but most of it, I never put on. I am planning on putting moneysavingmom's 4 tips for having a minimalist wardrobe into practice!

1. Only Own What You Wear

2. Mix and Match

3. Know Your Colors

4. Accessorize

I like this minimalist idea and plan to use it when I purge my closet next week!!

A few more tips on getting organized:

- always have one empty shelf in your house
(this one seemed a little strange to me at first, but I think I like the idea of having a "free" space!)

- put things you use often in a handy spot (coats/kid's toys)
(Gretchen suggested putting a hook inside your closet for hanging your coat instead of throwing it over the back of chair - and you hate putting it on a hanger every time you use it!. She also suggested corralling all of those little kid's toys (that end up all over place) and separate them into storage jars and keep displayed on the shelf when not in use).
Don't forget to look in odd places for canisters and containers from other rooms to corral awkward play things.  For example, this kitchen canister is quite perfect for magnetic alphabet letters
- do it now
(it only takes a minute to put away your shoes, or put a receipt in a file).

- evening tidy-up
(just 10 minutes of tidying up before bed makes your mornings much more pleasant!).

Minimalist Monday: Katharine's simple (but effective) approach that'll help you downsize and declutter | Happy Herbivore
Even though clearing clutter can be the biggest dread, it doesn't compare with the satisfaction and happiness you feel once you do it.
Words To Live By...Simplicity - need to LIVE by this quote for sure & remind him more! 

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