Saturday, January 31, 2015

Saturday 9

Saturday 9
Papa Loved Mama (1992) - Garth Brooks
1) This song is about a trucking "accident" that was covered extensively in the local paper. What's the big news story in your neighborhood?
Not exactly a big news story, but Nathan's former teacher did a birthday walk challenge this week, and I've followed that on Facebook. Nathan walked with him on several of his laps.
Walked around twice with this cool cat and Nathan󾌩󾌵
Nathan, Mr. C, & Kayla

2) The action centers around a motel. When is the last time you stayed in a hotel or motel?

Our last hotel stay was the weekend before Christmas. BUT, our next hotel stay will be Thursday night, on our upcoming vacation! :O)

3) In the song, Papa wants to surprise Mama with a bottle of wine. Do you prefer white or red?

I don't drink wine, but I love cooking with both!

4) This week's featured artist, Garth Brooks, has said that the late Chris LeDoux -- singer, sculptor and rodeo champion -- is his hero. If you had to single out someone this morning as your hero, who would it be?

I'm one of those fortunate kids. No, not money-wise (although I never lacked for anything), but fortunate in that I've been blessed with an amazing Mom and Dad. They have supported and loved me since the minute I came into the world, and have taught me so many valuable lessons. They have both been such an inspiration to me. I've learned, while raising my own children, how challenging being a parent can be, and I strive everyday to become half the role models they have been to me the past (almost) 50 years.
Family 4x6 Filler Card for Project Life Freebie

5) Before he was able to support himself as a singer, Brooks was a bouncer at a bar. Have you ever had an encounter with a bouncer (either that he threw you out or came to your aid)?


6) According to the RIAA (Recording Industry Association of America), Garth surpassed The Beatles as the top selling artist of the last 25 years. Whose music do you listen to more -- Garth Brooks or the The Beatles?

Garth Brooks

7) While 1992 was a banner year for Garth Brooks, it was a bad one for another country legend, Willie Nelson. Willie ended up paying the IRS more than $9,000,000. When you file your taxes, will you qualify for a refund? Or will you owe money?

We'll owe.

8) When this song was popular in 1992, Sarah Ferguson, then the Duchess of York, was in all the papers and magazines for her controversial conduct -- including being photographed sunbathing topless with a man not her husband. Today no one seems to care much about what Sarah Ferguson does. Can you think of someone else whose fame was fleeting?

Nobody came to mind, except Tim Tebow. 

9) This is Super Bowl weekend. Where will you be watching The Big Game?

Peter & I will watch it here. We are divided on the game, he's rooting for the Pats and me, the Seahawks. Actually, we neither one really care who wins, since our Super Bowl was the Packers not making it! :O) IMHO, the best two teams this year made it to the Super Bowl!

Modern day jousters - Seahawks vs Patriots Super Bowl XLIX preview

Are you ready for the Super Bowl?  Patriots vs Seahawks this Super Bowl #denniesdeals #superbowl2015 #seahawksvspatriots

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