Thursday, January 15, 2015

The Happiness Project: January (pt. 4)

The Happiness Project

January 2015 : Boost Energy
-Tackle A Nagging Task-
First of all, I confess.....I am a MAJOR procrastinator!
I'm in serious procrastination mode. Who knew there was so much to keep me occupied other than what I need to be doing.
Fact: Unfinished tasks drain your energy and make you feel guilty!
I write to-do lists, and do get most things accomplished. While I'm super-organized in many areas, there is always that one project or to-do that I seem to drag my feet on forever. (Like those last two kitchen chairs that should have been painted long ago!).
I love a to-do list! I write one every day. I even jot things on my list that I can scratch off (just to make me feel more accomplished I guess!).
so guilty.........
But the best way to tackle a nagging task is to.....JUST DO IT!
"An important aspect of happiness is managing your moods, and studies show that one of the best ways to lift your mood is to engineer an easy success, such as tackling a long-dreaded chore."
My goal for 2015 is to just do it....stop putting things off!
I know how good it feels and happy I am when I accomplish big tasks.
Wake Up With Determination. Go To Bed With Satisfaction.

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