Thursday, January 1, 2015

my year in review 2014: Jan/Feb/Mar

2014 started off a little stressful and very hectic! The carpenter started work at the house on January 13 and finished up on February 21....a week before the big wedding shower!! Don't forget to throw in a 10-day road trip to Florida, LOTS of wedding shower preparation, and a trip to the E.R. (by helicopter) for Nathan on February 24th!

Things ended on a high note though....we were thankful Nathan's problem turned out to be a (cluster) headache and nothing too serious (and he hasn't had any more problems with this since). The bedroom and living room turned out even better than we expected and was worth every minute of mess and frustration! And the shower was awesome-over 100 people attended and Lindsey & Logan were showered with lots of gifts and love. It was a great night!! :O)

{January 2014}

cold weather.....

bedroom re-do.....



lots of painting.....

and lots of Doc Martin....

{February 2014}

a trip to Disney!!

- we celebrated our 30th anniversary (a little late)

more painting and a living room re-do....



wedding shower planning.....
10" paper lanterns, 20 colors, $1 each! | need to remember this site!

{March 2014}

Lindsey's Bridal Shower

....other than my birthday and joining Instagram, the rest of March was pretty uneventful! :O)

my first post on Instagram
(see my follow link on the sidebar)

January/February/ March started the year off less than say the least!

coming up: April/May/June

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