Thursday, January 7, 2016

vacation {finally} booked!

oh my gosh!

This year's vacation has been so hard to plan! We had finally gotten over the fact the we weren't going to Florida this year, and had gotten excited about going to NY, then Peter gets home from work on Wednesday and while discussing our touring plans for NY, we both got all sad about not going back to Disney!!! We looked at each other and said at the same time......"Let's to go back to Florida"!!

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....a few hours later......our 2016 Disney Vacation was booked!!!!

Homesick for Disney?
We really want to go to NY,  and hope to maybe do an overnight during Christmas-time, but for our "big" trip for the year, we both felt that NY wasn't the destination for us. We love Disney so much, we also love heading to warm weather, and we normally go when VA is coldest! I'm sure we would have to really bundle up in NY the first week of March, compared to packing spring/summer clothes for sunny, warm Florida.

Take me back to sunny Florida!
The other thing that kept coming to my mind was the general atmosphere difference between Disney and NYC.  They call it "entering the bubble" when you pass under those WDW arches. It really is like being in a bubble, a whole other world, where you feel safe, and everyone is happy and having fun, and you don't think about problems or troubles, where everyone is friendly and nice, and you are surrounded by "good" people who are there for the very same reason!! As I was planning our NY trip (which I still plan to share) I had a different feeling. NYC is on the opposite end of the destination spectrum. NY is "the real world", where there are problems and fear, where people can be troubled or rude. In WDW, you are made to feel like you are the only guests there, every one is special and well taken care of. Happiness is the focus! In NY, we would just be two random "tourist" in a sea of the many, many people caught up in the hustle and bustle of the city.

And the third, and I guess biggest thing, we could only stay a max of 3 nights in NY, compared to our 7-12 day WDW vacations we have done in the past. There isn't much difference in the price either for double the time in Florida.

Side note: We seriously considered a cruise and would have booked the Carnival Pride departing from Baltimore the first week of March, but found out that our school's senior class will be taking that very same cruise for their Senior Trip...sooo...we rethought that idea and put a cruise on the shelf until another time. The price was amazing (or so I thought, not really knowing anything about cruises). A week long cruise to the Bahamas, stopping in Nassau, Freeport, and Florida, staying in a cabin with a balcony=$1900!! :O) What a deal!

Our WDW trip is booked for March 3-10, and we will be flying down this time to save traveling time! I am sooooo excited to started booking dinner reservations and securing some Fast Passes for our favorite attractions.....and I need to get busy...

because we leave in just 55 days! :O)

<3 Cinderella's Castle


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