Saturday, January 23, 2016

Disney Planning: Day 6

Disney Love - this so is me & my husband, lol! Our favorite characters are Minnie & Mickey!
Day 6: Tuesday,March 8

I think today we might head back to Epcot.
Park hours: 9 a.m. -11 p.m. (EMH)

Dinner ADR: Captain's Grille @ Yacht Club
(a new restaurant for us)

Fast Passes+
(1) Test Track
(2) Meet & Greet w/ Mickey & Friends


tour countries

TOP 5:
(1) snack: ? (there are a gazillion snack options in Epcot) possibly a macaron from France?!



(2) lunch: ? (again....lots of options) if we can't decide on anything in Epcot, Boardwalk Bakery is just a short walk for lunch.

(3) to-do repeat: Meet & Greet w/ Mickey & Friends (we did this on our very first trip in 2008, Nathan was the only one to get pics though). Peter and I don't normally do pictures with characters, but I really enjoyed the Meet & Greet w/ Tink last year, so I thought it would fun to try again (especially with a FP).

(4) to-do new: we STILL haven't tried Beaches & Cream (at Beach Club) hopefully, today we will get a chance!


(5) photo-op: since we'll be over that way for dinner (and possibly lunch too) I'd like to get some good pictures around the Boardwalk/Yacht Club/Beach Club resorts.

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