Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Menu Planning + Grocery Budgeting

So far this month, I have done much better with my meal planning and keeping the food budget under control. I have struggled for awhile now with impulse buying and not planning ahead, but have made a New Year's Resolution to do better this year. For us, having a planned menu and stocking up on groceries at least once a month, are the biggest factors for saving money on groceries. We went grocery shopping at Wal-Mart the first week in January, with a list for about 3 weeks worth of meal ideas. I plan to stock up every 4-5 weeks, and only go to the store here a couple of times a week for milk and other necessities in between (compared to going to the store every day!). While I cook a lot while the men are home, I haven't been cooking much for myself the two weeks they are gone. I plan to do better! I think having things on hand and a meal idea, will help me eat better while they are gone. So far this month, I've stuck with the menu plan, and have already started February's menu. Also, this week's organizing challenge was the pantry, so I organized the food cabinets and fridge/freezer (and realized I had doubles of lots of things and was out of other things). I am trying to use up older items too. I hate when I let food ruin or expire! I've done pretty good at sticking with the plan In January and hoping I can keep it up in the months to come.

Menu Plan Monday (Jan 4-10)

MON- frozen pizza (me)
TUES- Mom invited me to dinner for her yummy Mac & Cheese! She also had pea salad, squash, and fried apples. YUM!
WEDS- (away) dinner @ Texas Road house
THURS- (away) dinner @ Outback
FRI- Chili over rice
SAT - bbq wings & jalapeno poppers
SUN - steaks on the grill w/onions & mushrooms and steamed asparagus

Menu Plan Monday (Jan 11-17)

MON - Mac & Cheese and Hot Dogs
(plus made a Mississippi Roast for Claudine & Tommy)
TUES - Goose dinner at Mom & Dad's house!
WEDS - Corn Chowder
THURS - (away) dinner @ Outback
FRI - Sweet & Sour Chicken over rice
SAT - Mississippi Roast, Mashed Potatoes, and Rolls (nobody wanted a veggie today)
SUN - Peter's Fried Chicken : 0)

Menu Plan Monday (Jan 18-24)

MON- Honey Garlic Shrimp over rice
TUES- @ Lindsey's - we ordered subs from Carry Out

Ideas for the rest of the week.....(and subject to change)

-  shrimp left from Monday

- left-over chili (in the freezer)

- breakfast for dinner

- chicken breast

- order out (Sunday).

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