Thursday, March 21, 2013

what to do with all those cards....

I love giving and getting cards, but what to with all the cards afterwards has always been a problem for me. I have trouble tossing them, but don't have the storage space to save them all. Last year, when we put down the floor in the attic, I totally reorganized that space and sorted through all the boxes of "stuff" that I had accumulated over the years. Cards were taking up way too much space there. I had several boxes and folders full of cards from past birthdays, Valentine's Day, and other special occasions, most of which I hadn't looked at in years. I decided it was time to cull through the cards, select a few that I couldn't part with (which I keep in the attic in a folder), and finally toss out the rest. I only keep Christmas cards from year to year. I pack those away with my Christmas decorations and toss out the previous year's cards once I send out this year's cards. I do save a few special cards from each year though, especially photo cards.
Last year, after my birthday, instead of packing away all the pretty cards I got, I decided to use another idea for storing them. Binder Rings!

All you need for this project:

Just punch a hole in the corner of the card, add to the 2" binder ring, and you get this:

Much better!! :O)

You can buy binder rings (all sizes) at

Here are a few more ideas using binder rings:

Keep all of those store rewards cards together on one ring in your purse. I did this and it is so handy when shopping.
This is a very useful tip for organizing all those frequent shopper and rewards cards. Instead of letting them take up space in your wallet or on your keychain, I keep my cards on a binder ring in my purse and I can always find them. The keychain cards obviously already have a hole but a hole punch took care of the wallet cards!

Proud to say this is my own idea!! :) we decided to put all our loyalty card key fobs on binder rings to keep in the car. Now we will never e without them and won't have the bulk in our wallets!
Source: Pinterest
 Mom did this with her Christmas cards last year. They look nice on the coffee table and were handy to look through.
A coffee table Christmas card scrapbook. Just punch a hole in the corner of each card and place on binder ring. So simple!
Source: Pinterest
Have 12 years of Christmas cards - best way yet to store/display them...Split key ring for binders or fabric swatches.

I really love the next idea, which will definitely be an upcoming project for me: Make an address book using 3x5 index cards, cardstock, ribbon, a hole punch, and a binder ring.

Organize addresses using binder ring and index cards... when someone moves, just replace the card! Brilliant! brown paper packages: {3x5 card address book}
Source: Pinterest
Binder ring projects are endless....and easy!

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