Thursday, March 14, 2013

30 Spaces/ 30 Days: Spring Cleaning

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Space 5 of 30: Wipe Down Doors (all)
I did this today- and it only took a few minutes. They clean up like new with a little Mr. Clean,  and a Magic Eraser for smudges.

I (actually Dad) spray painted all of the knobs on our inside doors last year. We moved into our house in 1991, when brass was super popular. :O( Instead of switching out all of the gold knobs, we perked them up with a coat of polished silver paint! It has held up great and I love the updated look.

Space 6 of 30: Dust/Glass Plus tv stand/curio cabinet
Yesterday was the perfect day to clean out the tv stand......

Yep, more technology! I think we are going to love the soon as we figure it all out----->technically challenged!!!!
Anyhow, I checked this space off my list yesterday. The Dish guy pretty much laughed at me when I asked if he could give me a minute to dust before installing the new one. :O)

I cleaned out the curio today. It's perfect for displaying my Willow Tree collection.

Nathan gave me this one for my birthday a few years's one of my favorites!

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