Tuesday, March 12, 2013

vintage french door and mirror

My latest trash to treasure find is an old door that someone had tossed.............

It's a 15-pane solid wood french door! Other than a little repair needed near the knob area, it is in excellent condition. I'm sure the wood is gorgeous, as it has very little stain on it, and has never been painted. It would be very easy to refinish, but I will probably paint it white, to match all the trim.
I've been wanting to put a door between the living room and front room, and this door would work perfectly. Of course, Peter isn't in love with the idea like I am (yet!). He has trouble seeing my vision sometimes. That's why I love Pinterest.....I pinned several pictures of glass paneled french doors (most of which are painted), so at least now he has a visual!
Pinned Image

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I even found an idea for making the glass paneled door into a barn door. :O)
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Our next house project (a little re-do in our living room and bedroom) probably won't happen until this fall, but I'm already busy planning out all the details! Adding this vintage french door is the perfect start to my plans (not to mention-it's free!!!).
We are in the process of doing a little remodeling at the b&b (more on that in another post), and while clearing some things out, I came across a vintage mirror that I had forgotten about.

It's big, and is solid wood (very heavy!), and has several coats of paint on it, but I love it!

The mirror is messed up from it's age, but I think that just adds character!

I'm not sure yet  if I'll paint it, try to refinish it, or just give it a chippy look. I love the idea of just propping it up against the wall like this..........
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I love both of my recent finds and can hardly wait to find a place for them in our home.

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Francisco Close said...

The pictures simply show how resourceful you are, Virginia! You made the most out of your vintage French door. Well, it may look old, but it still in great condition, so it’s really awesome that you tried to find a way to be able to use it again. I’m going to do this the next time I replace my door with a new one too. :)

Francisco Close

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