Monday, March 11, 2013

Cooking 101

Here's a recap of last week's meals:
(1) Mon Mar 04- Chili and Corn Bread
(2) Tues Mar 05- BBQ Wings & fries
(3) Weds Mar 06- Brunswick Stew & rolls
(4) Thurs Mar 07- Soft Crabs, deviled eggs, and potato salad
(5) Fri Mar 08-  Lasagna, Pea Salad, Garlic Bread I didn't make it again this week....we had breakfast for dinner instead.
(6) Sat Mar 09- Roast w/gravy, potatoes, & kale
(7) Sun Mar 10- we ordered out

I'm just going with the flow this week as we will be away tomorrow, then I'll be away on Friday and Saturday.

Menu Plan Mon 3/11- Sun 3/17
(1) Mon 3/11- BBQ Chicken, Rice, Corn, Cresent Rolls
(2) Tues 3/12- away for the day-not sure where we'll end up eating.
(3) Weds 3/13- quesadillas
(4) Thurs 3/14- something seafood
(5) Fri 3/15- away w/ Mom & Julie, more eating out!
(6) Sat 3/16- I'll bring something home for dinner today.
(7) Sun 3/17- ???

I actually had a break from cooking today! Nathan cooked dinner and did an awesome job!! He was a little nervous at first, but quickly got the hang of it. He was very surprised at how easy cooking actually is and was very proud of his first meal. He invited Kayla over and even took a plate of it to his Mom-Mom. He is already planning what to fix next week! :O) I could really get used to this!

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