Tuesday, March 26, 2013


Dorothy Hamill is a true class act! I already knew this, but her exit on tonight's show was a reminder of what a truly sweet person she really is. When this season's list of stars was announced, I was happy to see her name and started rooting for her. I've been a fan of hers since the '76 Olympics {I was 11....oh my!}. Whenever I'd go iceskating, I'd pretend I was her.....can you imagine? LOL
I loved her hair!
Dorothy Hamill - Olympic Gold Medal 1976.
I still love her hair.........and she still has that same sweet, lovable personality.
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I was sad to see her leave, but I'm sure it's for the best.

*Dorothy Hamill won the Olympic gold medal for figure skating in 1976 at age 19, and went pro with the Ice Capades. She has survived many challenges: two divorces, bankruptcy, battles with depression and osteoarthritis, and a battle with breast cancer.

I really haven't kept up with her over the years, but plan to read her autobiography: A Skating Life: My Story.

Now that she's not dancing anymore, I'll probably start rooting for Kellie Pickler {she is really good and so in shape!}. And of course, she has a great partner, Derek. I also like Zendaya & Val. :O)


Shanna Watson said...

I'm rooting for Kellie too! Lola told me the other night, sorry mom but Zendaya has got this! She loves the show she stars in, "Shake It Up"

Susan said...

I'm not up on many young stars, I had never heard of Zendaya, but she can dance! I wasn't that crazy about Kellie when I first saw her on AI, she was too goofy or something, but I think she has grown as an artist and is so sweet! Logan and Lindsey saw her last fall when she was in Salisbury. They said she does a great show.

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