Saturday, March 7, 2015

Our 2015 Disney Vacation (The End)

Day #10 - Saturday February 14 2015

It's Valentine's Day!!

Today was also check-out day! We had stretched this vacation out as long as we could, it was now time to head home.

We packed up the SUV and started driving around 9:00. We made our first stop at the Florida Citrus Center in Jacksonville to get oranges to bring home (best.oranges.ever)!

We made a couple of stops for gas/snacks along the way, then stopped for lunch at Wendy's somewhere in South Carolina. It was in the high 50's when we stopped for the day in Florence, SC.  After checking into a Hampton Inn, we changed to go out for a Valentine's Day dinner. :O)

We chose Outback, and expected a wait, since it was not only Valentine's Day, but Saturday night as well. I went to check us in and the hostess told me it was a 4 hour wait. Are you kidding me????? I really can't think of any restaurant I'd wait 4 hours to eat at, much less an Outback. Our next stop, Olive Garden, with a 2 hour wait. Oh my! We knew this would probably be the problem no matter where we went tonight, so I asked how long take-out would be, and when she said 40 minutes, I placed our order! This actually turned out to be a better option since we were both tired and ready to settle in for the night after driving all day. Dinner was delicious!!
Happy Valentine's Day!!!!

Day #11 - Sunday February 15 2015

I called Mom early this morning and she said the weather was horrible. A very strong wind had blown through last night and it was freezing cold. It was colder here in SC too....28 degrees!! We ate breakfast in our room and finally left the hotel around 10:00.

We entered Virginia around 12:30, and stopped for gas and got a quick lunch at McDs. It was soooooo cold! We started checking CBBT online to see if the bridge was going to be open today. It had closed last night due to very high winds, but was open today.

We stopped at Walmart on the shore to pick up a few things before heading to Logan and Lindsey's for the night. It was FREEZING!!!!!!!!!!!!

We were sad that our vacation was over, but thankful for a good, safe trip, and now happy to spend some time with our family.

This trip would stretch out another week due to the weather. The boats didn't end up running all week, and we finally flew home on Saturday February 21.

The Big Freeze of 2015 post HERE .

We had an awesome trip and I wouldn't change a minute of it .

We also didn't mind the extra days being "stuck" at Dockside!

Can't wait to go back!!!!!

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