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The Happiness Project: March (part one)

The Happiness Project
March 2015: Aim Higher
{part one}
Launch a Blog

"Happiness is a critical factor for work, and work is a critical factor for happiness. The happy outperform the less happy"

"Work can be a be a great source necessary for a happy life: the atmosphere of growth, social contact, fun, a sense of purpose, self-esteem and recognition."

But what do you do in your spare time?

What are you enthuisiastic about?

I was excited to see that part one of this month's topic was "launch a blog"!
In the book, Gretchen gives advice on the "how-to's" of starting your own blog, but since I have been blogging now for over 4 years, I'm pretty much past the developing and setting up stages of blogging. I'm always willing though, to learn more, where maintaining and growing your blog is concerned.
How to Start a Blog - A Teaspoon of Happiness

You have to start somewhere.

I chose blogger.com when starting my blog. I'm sure there are any other resources out there, but blogger was very easy for a beginner like me.

Choosing a blog theme.....that was a hard one as I wasn't sure what the "theme" of my blog was going to be. I started with a journal type blog, then switched to a travel/trip planning blog, then a cooking blog. After the first few months of blogging, I realized that my blog was a journal for me as my posts range from DIY projects, to posts about my favorite things, to family posts, to cooking posts, pretty much all over the place, yet it's my place to blog and keep a record of my life.

Choosing a title.....this also was hard, but after playing around with a few titles, I think the one I chose is perfect!

The Secret to Having It All....is believing you already do.

How often to blog......That's just it, it's your blog, post as little or as much as you want! I prefer to post at least every other day (sometimes more). Something I'm working on is to plan my blog posts better (not on a schedule, but at least select weekly topics).
Free printable blog planner from {And Cute} http://andcute.com/weekly-blog-planner-printable-template/#
What to blog about.....rarely do I lack topics to blog about. If you have a family, a home, a job, a community...you have topics. My posts aren't always exciting to those who read them, but they are special to me, as I am able to look back through them and remember all the good things that we've done. Sometimes though, I do get stumped on what to blog about, that's when you  read other blogs for ideas, join a linky party, or look online for idea topics.
blog post ideas

About my blog.....there is one thing that draws me to a person's blog....the pictures!!! I love posts that include pictures, and I try to always include at least a few (okay....a lot) in my posts. My camera and phone take decent pictures but I would love to, someday, own a nice camera. Photography fascinates me and I would love to learn all about it...lighting, angles...everything! Maybe someday!

Another thing about my blog that I would like to do is update the design. I am working on this, but haven't put enough time into redesigning the look of my blog. There are lots of sites that offer "free" templates, and of course, you can pay someone to design your blog, but for now, I'm using one of the templates that blogger offers. Hopefully, I'll finally get around to giving my blog a new look this year.
blogging  :O) :O) :O) 
 Why I blog.....I blog because I LOVE IT!!! :O) It is the most fun "hobby" I've ever had. It seriously is therapy for me! I enjoy writing and taking pictures and I love having this place that is all mine to keep all of my thoughts! I often consider making it a private blog, but I know there are a few friends and family who actually read it and seem to enjoy it, so for now, I'm keeping it public. I do have over 100 followers who read it on occasion and I know there are other bloggers, like me, who like reading posts about real people and everyday life.

That's pretty much what this blog is....a place to journal about my family, my home, my favorite things, and my ever-changing life! :O)

keep calm.....

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