Tuesday, February 24, 2015

the big freeze of 2015

We got back from sunny Florida on Sunday night (2/15/15). We had planned to spend the night with Logan & Lindsey and catch the mail boat on Monday. Monday came and no mail boat. So we added another night to our stay. Of course, we didn't mind!
It started snowing that evening. By Tuesday morning,  we had at least 8 inches.

The 4 of us + Allie went out to play in the snow. She loved it!!

All worn out from all that playing in the snow!! Hard Life!!

Lindsey had Monday and Tuesday off from work and Logan didn't have to go back to work until Wednesday morning, so we enjoyed the down time of being snowed in. We cooked and watched tv, and just hung out at Dockside. Of course, there was snow cream....lots of snow cream!

Every day that passed was supposed to be THE DAY the boat would get to Tangier....we kept waiting....

We made the news! :O)

Nathan pulled in on Wednesday evening and tried his best to get to TI. It didn't work out for him, since he had to be back by Sunday for Tankerman school. Kayla ended up coming in by helicopter on Friday evening.

Allie woke Nathan up each morning (by sitting on his head). LOL
Good job Allie!! :O)

The roads at Dockside were worse on Friday, after the light snow and falling temps on Thursday night. Lindsey (and several others) got stuck trying to get home.

Allie was able to stay out of her kennel while Lindsey was at work since we could watch her, but I found her there a few times (I think she missed Logan & Lindsey).

We hoped each day (well, kind of) that the boat would run. Finally, on Friday night, we realized that the mail boat would not run anytime soon, but the Coast Guard would make a trek over on Saturday morning. It was limited to people with medical needs, so we didn't pursue that, but decided to finally book a flight home from Melfa. The pilot would only take two people and little luggage. We had to leave our 2 big suitcases in our SUV and only bring home necessities.

Dad was there to meet us and Mom had made us dinner. The island was in rough shape. There was ice/snow everywhere!! We were glad to be home safe, but missed our time with the children.

I know someone who missed us! Jaxson hasn't left our side since we got back.

Side note: It is now 2/24/15 and the mailboat still hasn't made a run.

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