Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Our 2015 Disney Vacation (February 12 - part one)

Day #8 - Thursday February 12 2015 (part one)

Today was our second day at Epcot. Since we didn't get to do Test Track on our first day there, that's where we headed first today. The stand-by line was 70 minutes and usually we don't wait over an hour, but this was our only chance to do it, so we got in line.

We love this ride!!!

Since we had gotten a late start this morning, it was already close to lunch time. I wanted to try Capt. Cooks at the Poly, and Peter liked the idea, so we headed to the monorail.
We both got the Aloha Pork Sandwich - pulled pork on pineapple-coconut bun with cheddar, Asian slaw, cucumbers, and tomatoes w/ fries and a soda.
Peter got a big cookie, but I chose this.................
Red Velvet Cupcake!
$34.87 or 2 CS credits
This was another great counter service choice!!!! The menu was huge, the food was delish, and the atmosphere was awesome! We will definitely go back there again!
We found the Dole Whips!!! :O)
Peter got one and we went inside the lobby to enjoy it.
$4.99 or 1 SC

We had been discussing the possibility of trying a Disney Cruise. We would probably do a split stay though, since we can't imagine not going back to WDW! It's in the talking stages........next year maybe???

We had a little trouble with the monorail coming over. It wasn't doing the complete round, so we decided to save some time and take the bus back to Epcot.
This bus pulled up while we waited :O).......
Our Soarin' FP time was open, so we headed to The Land for one last ride...

We got the front row again!!
We walked over to World Showcase and browsed around a bit.

We stopped in Japan for some Kaki Gori.
$7.99 OOP
We decided to take a break at the resort until our dinner ADR, so we took the bus back.


Shanna Watson said...

Susan, I love reading your WDW reviews. You should be a Disney consultant!! Looks like you had a great time and the weather was nice :)

Susan said...

Thanks Shanna! We had a great trip!! I love writing it all down when we get back and looking back through our past trips. I read lots of Disney vacation blogs to help me plan and hope somebody will read mine and get some Disney tips that will help them plan their trip too. Can't wait to go back!!!

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